Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Land of Lincoln -> Land of Corruption

I can't say I'm surprised at the big news this morning.

The Governor of the great state of Illinois, the Land of Abraham Lincoln, was arrested at his home by the FBI. The allegations in the affidavit are simply amazing. Rod Blagojevich [pronounced: Bluh-goi-uh-vich] only wanted more money and more power and to do what he could do fight off a possibly impending impeachment. Apparently when he ran for governor he talked of cleaning up corruption. Apparently he may have even thought of running for President in 2016? HAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!! What a dooshbag.

Now remember, he's not guilty. While we, American society,
often condemns and convicts someone as soon as there is suspicion they're guilty of something, this is supposed to be a country where we can prove our innocence (or try to get a Not Guilty verdict.)

Yes, the governor was caught on tape trying to sell the recently vacated U.S. Senate seat, yes, he was caught on tape threatening to withhold funding if favors weren't granted, yes, he was caught on tape trying to weasel himself into something better (naming himself Senator) in case he's indicted/impeached (on other charges) ... but remember, this guilty piece of crap is innocent; he's not really a corrupt bastard until the guilty verdict is in.

Oh, hey, isn't the guy who was governor before Blagojevich in prison right now for corruption?

Way to go, Illinois! You're the Shining Star of this Great Land!!!!


Sugarmag said...

Yeah, Blagojavich is a doosh. I am not surprised about this, I have long thought that it was just a matter of time before he ended up in jail, and I did not even know about any of this stuff he was arrested for. I was wondering why he had not appointed anyone to fill the senate vacancy, now I know.

George Ryan is still in jail although some people in Illinois are trying to convince Bush to pardon him before he leaves office. We here in Illinois have a long history of corruption. It's a tradition!

Patrick said...

One of the worst things about this wholef-ing mess is that we the great people of Illinois have yet another thing to live down. For f-ck's sake. people all ove the world still think that gangsters are running the streets of Chicago. Albeit, the gangsters now have boring names, like Richard Daley.

Anonymous said...

Interesting picture. All I can say is I'm praying for the best but preparing for the worst with Prez. Elect. I would feel a lot more comfortable with a more experienced brain in office, who I know loves our great country and who has positive friends and associations.

adewees said...

at least he didn't pull a larry craig. eh? corruption is not partisan, unfortunately.

Zoooma!! said...

I'm not sure I'd call what Larry Craig was accused of worse than what Blagojevich is accused of. Each despicably disgraced his political office.

You're right, though, corruption is not partisan.

Interestingly, the media seems to want people to think so. In the New York Times, a story on Larry Craig mentioned in the 2nd sentence he's a Republican. A story on Blagojevich mentions he's a Democrat not until the 3rd PARAGRAPH. CBS News, and others, I am sure, are trying their hardest not to mention Blagojevich is a Democrat. They have an agenda and they don't want the party in a bad light. Putting Republicans in a bad light, though - no problem!!!!

Media ain't supposed to be that way.

Frankly, I don't give a damn what party a corrupt politician is part of. Politicians should be upstanding citizens, role models doing the right thing, looking out for us. They shouldn't be corrupt pieces of crap.

P.S. Patrick & LSDAmerica -- well said, so true.

P.P.S. Sugarmag - I hope that tradition of corruption changes! What a screwed up place! Why don't you hear about this happening in like... Nebraska?!

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