Thursday, December 11, 2008

My First Jerry Show

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My first Jerry Band show. When I picked this show to post, it had completely slipped my mind as all I was concerned about was, well, posting a show, any show. I've seen Jerry a bunch o' times but I've never had the date of my first JGB show stamped on my mind, just circled in my Deadbase. This was also my very first trip west of Salt Lake City from where I was in college at the time. I was always keeping up with tour dates of not only the Dead but Jerry, as well. When I heard about this JGB stand at the Warfield, I just knew I had to go. Nothing else mattered. Getting people to go see the Dead was a piece of cake! Adventures from SLC to Vegas and Oakland and L.A. and Phoenix happened a lot. Not always true for Jerry shows and this was especially true with finals coming up. University of Utah was on a quarter system at the time and Winter Quarter was coming to an end in just a few weeks so it was time to buckle down for a lotta people. Not being the worrying type about school, I ordered a few tix and kept looking and looking for anyone who would have wanted to make the journey across the deserts and mountains to that great City by the Bay -- San Francisco. Jerry, The Warfield, Hell Yeah!

What exactly I remember about the show -- yes, I was there, that's about it. Exciting, huh? Well, I'm sure I can dig deep for some more about the trip itself if I had the time to but I've got to wrap this up. I suppose what I'll do is I will think about eventually posting the show from the next night and I'll give more time to that post so's I can try to autobiographize my first excursion to see ol' Jerry at the Warfield, my first roadtrip west, my first time in San Francisco . . . wow, what a great time in life that was! I figure had I stayed back in New Jersey, I still woulda seen a ton o' Dead shows but not as much Jerry and never at The Warfield! Splittin' the East Coast for Mormon-central (Utah) was one of the best damn things I ever did!

Anyway, for now, I give you...

Jerry Garcia Band -- March 1, 1991
Warfield Theatre, San Francisco, California

1st Set: Cats Under The Stars, He Ain't Give You None,
Strugglin' Man, Forever Young, Run For The Roses,
The Night They Drive Old Dixie Down, Lay Down Sally

Set 2: The Harder They Come, Money Honey, And It Stoned Me,
Russian Lullaby, Don't Let Go,
Positively 4th Street, Everybody Needs Somebody To Love

Perfectly played show. Forever Young is the best in the first set. Jerry's solo is just delectable.

Through much of the Set 2 opener, Harder They Come, there's a great underlying latin/reggae/Caribbean beat that makes this version... delectable. Jerry delectably rips it up on Money Honey! Mmm!!

Russian Lullaby and Don't Let Go are over 30 minutes combined and while the former doesn't segue into the latter, tis still a nice half hour of music that's a whole lotta improv jamming. In Don't Let Go they approach Space but don't quite get there the way Jerry easily could back in a Don't Let Go from '77. Then again, this isn't '77 and while the song doesn't exact launch into orbit, it could still be considered Don't Let Go-> Jam-> Don't Let Go. I guess that happens a lot, ya know, when a song just jams away to something that's not truly the tune anymore.

More delectableness comes in the form of Positively 4th Street. Wow. Nice! Jerry is really diggin' playin' these tunes with this band, it's just so clear.

Sometimes it's too bad when a soundboard does not exist/is not in circulation for us, the fans, to dig. There was a moment or two in this show when a soundboard woulda been so nice but for the most part the acoustics of The House of Jerry simply shines here. No, it ain't the cozy confines of the Keystone... but it still sounds pretty nice.

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JGB 3/1/91 1st Set --- Set 2 Warfield 3/1/91
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Anonymous said...

Thanks Zooma,

Harder they come and "it stoned me"

can't wait to dig in,
a nice musical dinner

thanks Jerry and again Zooma, thanks for taking the time to thrill our souls, just like the jelly roll!

Adam said...

Thanks again Zoooma. I remember my first GD experience pretty well, all things considered (6/6/91). And I remember how happy I was when I finally got a copy of that show to relive over and over. Thanks for sharing something that has some actual substance beyond the "it sounds/looks good" type of show. Adam

Anonymous said...

Thank you.
Very nice version of Forever Young.


Anonymous said...

I'll just say thanks for all this as trying to get the shows to make a Jerry Sings Van comp! Maybe a Jerry Sings Bob to follow.

one says one number and the other another
but they were set at the same time. Hmmm...

Calvin and Hobbes in the snow -- animated