Wednesday, October 22, 2008

"They're too fuzzy and cute."

Jerry Garcia and Bob Weir on a day off from Grateful Dead shows in The Meadowlands.  Here on Letterman with Paul Shaffer and The World's Most Dangerous Band. 100 Days of the Dead -- Day 30

Unless I'm kidnapped by a renegade Uruguayan chicken farmer strung out after an all-night Swedish Fish bender, there'll be a show up tomorrow.

So everybody hang loose!

In the meantime, why not check out this video of
Jerry & Bobby with "The World's Most Dangerous Band" . . .

See ya later!

"I Second That Emotion" (practice session)
Late Night with David Letterman ~ October 13, 1989
Studio 6A - NBC Studios, Rockefeller Center
New York City

Here's something about the "show" . . . transcribed from:

DeadBase IXDeadBase IX [out of print]


On the day off in the middle of the five-show run at the Meadowlands, Jerry and Bob were guests on Late Night on a most appropriate date: Friday The 13th. This was the second time the two were guests of the show (they both appeared during the 1987 MSG run on 9-17.) That appearance was most notable for a superb version of Masterpiece and the great levitation trick where Jerry was lifted. Hysterical!

During the television show, Jerry and Bob sit in with The World's Most Dangerous Band, led by musician/arranger Paul Shaffer, on workouts such as Hideaway, the Pink Floyd hit Another Brick In The Wall Part II, and the Otis Redding chestnut I Can't Turn You Loose. During the show, I barely tolerated the Woody Harrelson interview (he was on too damn long and embarrassed Garcia over a band conference) and Julia Child cooking a duck (and wondering if she was drunk on sherry.)

Jerry and Bob were last, and they led Shaffer's band in a short, but strong, version of the Smokey Robinson gem, I Second That Emotion. Jerry handled the first verse, and Bob handled the second. The vocal harmonies, though, were a tad rough, but all were having fun. Jerry's short guitar solo shined.

Afterwards, Letterman briefly interviewed Jerry and Bob. Jerry was in a cheerful moon, and when Letterman asked about the possibility of playing Russia and how long the band would stay there, Jerry coyly replied, "Until they let us out." Another great Garcia quote: when Letterman asked the two if they tried some duck, Jerry retorted, "I can't eat them. They're too fuzzy and cute."

I'm not sure if the broadcasted version is on YouTube but perhaps someday I'll look for it. Also, the interview would be cool in the post, too. Maybe someday.


Anonymous said...

Swedish Fish are a global conspiracy! They are too good!

Paticus said...

I think I have this Letterman on VHS..I'll have to dig it out...and then figure out how to digitize...But someday it will happen!!

one says one number and the other another
but they were set at the same time. Hmmm...

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