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Let's head back to the Meadowlands, Jed

GD 10-12-89 The Meadowlands: setlist & SBD mp3 download
Grateful Dead dancing bear and roses

19 Years Ago Tonight...

Grateful Dead ~ October 12, 1989
Brendan Byrne Arena, East Rutherford, New Jersey

1st Set: Hell In A Bucket, Sugaree, Blow Away, Tennessee Jed,
Queen Jane Approximately, Bird Song, Jack Straw

2nd Set: Hey Pocky Way, Cumberland Blues Looks Like Rain
He's Gone
Drums Space The Other One
Wharf Rat
Sugar Magnolia

Encore: Brokedown Palace

Contrary to what was printed on the tickets and backstage passes, this show took place in the Brendan Byrne Arena (its original name from Day 1 until it was later named Continental Airlines Arena and then pathetically renamed Izod Center... Damn, that crap really ticks me off and is something I really hate about this great nation.) Meadowlands Arena has always been an acceptable nickname for the building.

Fall Tour in 1989 had 5 nights in East Rutherford. Unfortunately I only got to see a measly one of those -- the 3rd night, a Saturday. Oh well. Fortunately they did play the Meadowlands (Giants Stadium) twice that summer and so of 7 New Jersey shows in '89, I saw 3... so I suppose that ain't too bad.

The final night of this run -- Bob's birthday on 10-16 -- was released as Nightfall Of Diamonds. Here on the second night they play an okay show.

Bucket launches things like a GD show should be launched, methinks -- loud and fast and so much fun! Sugaree slows it down and Jerry's nicely into it, we can hear, but he's forgettin' some words here and there, something he repeated in Tennessee Jed. Sandwiched in there is Blow Away which has Brent having fun with obscenities. Oh, that Brent! After a nice Bird Song, some more fun, from Bobby this time, during Jack Straw in the rare slot of 1st Set closer -- first time for that since December.

More funky Brent to kick off Set 2. Hey Pocky Way may have only been played 25 times by the Dead but this is the only time when Cumberland Blues follows. Looks Like Rain is a little on the subdued side, not a lot of over-the-top Bobby, but not bad. I really like the transition into He's Gone, another tune on this night which, unfortunately, has Jerry missing a line here, a line there... but he sure did, and with plenty of emotion, nail the "Smile Smile Smile" part! And as they slide into Drums it gets real pretty and they're all diggin' it... so nice!!

Making their way from Space into O1 is really nice. This is perhaps the best musical moment of the night. Everyone is 420% Full Steam Ahead here.

Wharf Rat, Sugar Mags and the Brokedown encore are all played without a single flaw, it seems. Sugar Mags feels a little abbreviated but still not bad. All of post-Drums is without a doubt the sweetest part of this show.

It might not be the highlight of the Dead's final run of shows at the Byrne but it's still worth a listen! I had myself a good moment or three of calorie burning from dancing around the living room, that's for sure.

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Grateful Dead backstage pass for 10/12/89 Brendan Byrne Arena a.k.a. Meadowlands Arena
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Anonymous said...

Thank you so very much for all of the incredible music available on your blog. I have been looking for some new '89 material, and this really hit the spot. IMHO from the fall of '89 through the end of the Brent-era Dead is probably my favorite post '77 era. I am lacking much exposure to the spring '89 era, so if you have any to offer, I'd love to hear it. And, as we move forward, I'd like to put in my two cents for 11/20/78 in Cleveland. GREAT SHOW! And, if you would like to take a look at what I do/do not have, just drop me an email at and I'll gladly share my list of shows with you. Thanks again, Adam

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