Thursday, October 9, 2008

100 Days of the Dead - Day 17: canceled

I'm a-Feelin' a little under the weather. Then again, isn't everyone who isn't flying in jet airliner under the weather? And anyone who's in a hurricane is IN the weather? Right? Right?? Hello? is this thing on? Anyone? Anyone?? Bueller?

I've got bitch of a post nasal drip, been goin' on for about 24 hours now. Fortunately it's not terribly painful to swallow but my throat is sore and nothing tastes good. I don't even wanna sip water... not even coffee. This just bites.

Today, for 100 Days of the Dead, I had wanted to listen to an Audience-only show (no soundboard in circulation) and post a review about it. But... ehh. Yesterday or a couple days ago I gave 10-9-83 a listen and it's pretty good show with quite nice audio quality.

Dick's Picks Volume 6 is from 10-14-83 in Hartford. A few days ago I gave that a listen and hearing 10-9 Greensboro, I can see why Fall 83 was a pick.

I just haven't really felt up to posting a show review today so a write-up for 10-9-83 will have to wait until another year.

But 100 Days of the Dead means I've gotta listen to some Dead (or in-the-family) tunes so I'm gonna give tomorrow's show a listen or two.

In other news... the stock market took a wicked plunge today, over 600 points to below 8000. Ain't that swell.

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