Monday, October 20, 2008

no more?

100 Days of the Dead -- Day 28

Canceled due to lack of interest.

Over 50 downloads of the last 3 shows -- only 1 comment.

That ain't acceptable. Screw it.


Darkstarlives said...

I love the 100 days of the Dead. Please keep it going. I look forward to it every day you post. Thanks From Darkstarlives Salt Lake City.

oljdub said...

I appreciate the effort. I too looked forward to it every day.

Jug Man said...

i think the problem is the method this is the fifth try in7 days if you don't get it i agree we should give up. it went something like this your site has brought me back to the happiest times of my life the 200 plus shows always gave n\me something to look forward to. like a kid when xmas comes around you have made me feel that again.......

freakypete said...

owh, don't be like that.
this is the first time iv'e looked in since i said 'we should molest nazi monkeys' and asked if you had oct 30, 31 and nov 1 at wembly stadium london 1990. i've been looking for it ever since.
made my own front row tapes but they are all either worn out or lost.
your my last hope!
anyway they would be quite timely to dig up

Bucephallus said...

sorry to hear, still finding suggested shows for my housemate....he has anger issues that only the dead can improve...
how can I make you feel better about all the leechers(which are better than letchers)>>>>HOW ABOUT SOMETHING NEW TO RUN TO?
Quicksilver Messenger Service
Marin County Cowboys
Reverend Gary Davis

DL THE WALTER Hawkins....see what you think of "there's a war goin' on" Full on Great Gospel

Anonymous said...

I'm sure it's frustrating not hearing a thank you for your efforts, but then again...those who downloaded said thanks in a way through the very act of downloading. Myself, I like to listen before I respond and with work and the post season, that's been tough. However, the Minneapolis show and the Winterland show are stupendously cool, and I thank you for all the Dead shows you make available.

Each Dead show was such a moment of glorious humanity in the space time continuum and always a balm for the soul.

Thanks BIG time.




Anonymous said...


don't stop, I too have been checking in daily to enjoy a tasty nug of GD.

please keep on keeping on. I'd be very bummed if you did stop.

I will say thanks to every show I download if that will keep you going.
Of course as a Reggae fan, I love the JGB Love in the afternoon that you've posted in two different JGB shows.

Forward on and Thank YOU! THANK YOU!

a Reggae DJ on the West Coast of the Golden State!

Anonymous said...

Hey C and Sugar
Please reconcider- as a dyslexic I very seldom respond on anything in writing but your blog has been a such a big and nice eye opner that I make an ekbitation. It been the first thing I check out in the morning for a cuppel of month and it keeps giving me revelations- last night I listend to 10/13/94 and got a kick out of it- and Iwould normaly not listen to anythige after 75- but becaus of youre ramblings about the show I gave it a changse. Anyway thanks for the efort and for turening economical deprssion and cold weahter into something bearable here in Denmark.

Paticus said...

Zoooma & Sugarmag- Sorry that you are being underappreciated. I have not downloaded(nor listened, for that matter) to any of the shows yet,as things have been crazy busy, but it has been nice to drop by when I can and have a little read on your take on the shows. I suppose that i should show more appreciation for that.
So, too late, i do offer a thank you.

Zoooma!! said...

Darkstarlives in SLC? One of my favorite cities that I miss dearly sometimes. Been a buncha years since I lived there... I've gotta get back one o' these days! Thanks for the comment... Keep on checkin' back 'cause I might slow down a little but no plans to stop!

Oljdub thanks to you, too... and Jug Man, I wanna make as many days as I can like Xmas for folks. Hey, Easter, your birthday, Thanksgiving, NYE, Halloween, and Secretary's Day, also! More shows to come!

Freakypete -- thanks for comin' around again. I've remembered your mention of London '90 shows... Stay Tuned!!!

Bucephallus -- thanks for the links. I will be sure to check 'em all out! Please keep comin' back 'cause I'll certainly post something that'll calm your roommate down. Great GD can have that effect for some!

Anonymous Raysfan -- Go Phillies!!! JUST KIDDING... I'm a Mets fan so I HATE the Phillies. D-Rays in 6. Moments of glorious humanity then, moments of glorious humanity always... and they shall continue here, on and on, round and round we'll go. I like to hit all years, trying to spread the love around equally, firmly believing there's something that makes each and every show worth listening to... yes, every show... but of course some are MUCH better than others so sooner of later, there's bound to be a post to please even the most finicky. The Winterland '74 and Keith's 1st Show (Minneapolis) were definitely cool one, though... more of those to come... definitely more of those to come!

Hey Now Reggae DJ mon. Califorrrrrrrnia, spinnin' reggae on the burnin' shore!! I'm gonna dig up a tasty JGB soundboard with a Love In The Afternoon, just for you, my friend! Stay tuned, you're welcome, and thank you for your comments 'round here!

Rex in Denmark -- thank you for your comments around here, also! No need to comment often. I'm glad you're picking up some good listens here. Post-1975 has plenty of gems and I'll do my best to let people know what's really sweet and why it's worth a listen. Even some '90s show are really good. Not the same as days of old, but a lot of shows still have some fun moments and great playing to really groove to. Hey -- if you have any requests, feel free to send me an email and I'll be happy to hook you up! Stay warm!

Paticus, my friend! Greetings! I hope you've been well! You don't download? No problem... I'm glad you stop by to read about some of the shows I post! Catchya later, bro.


Anonymous said...

Hey Zooma, I don't know as I've ever DL'd anything from here, though I read your blog with some regularity. I think the 100 Days/charity drive is a great gesture on your part. Keep the faith. --Mudcat

Zoooma!! said...

D'OH! I shoulda had the foresight to wait 35 minutes because Mudcat was gonna chime in, too.

The faith is restored!! Thanks for your comment, Mudcat!

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