Sunday, March 25, 2007

Feel the Byrne

Running in the evening, returning when there's almost no light left on the western horizon, at a time of the day when it's cooler outside, much cooler than under the early afternoon sun, is so much easier! Even with the added time being nearly a whole half a minute, this was almost a piece of cake!!

Another 74 minutes on the trail . . .

Running Time -- 14 minutes & 6 seconds (+24 seconds!!! that's a lot)

David Byrne . . . Uh-Oh (1991)

Tiny Town
She's Mad
Now I'm Your Man
A Million Miles Away
Something Ain' Right
The Cowboy Mambo (Hey Lookit Me Now)
Girls On My Mind
Hanging Upside Down
A Walk In The Dark
Twistin' In The Wind
Monkey Man
Dawg's Waltz
I Truly Understand -- Jerry Garcia & David Grisman

Talking Heads = classic. But the number of David Byrne songs I've ever heard must number in the whopping 1-3 range. I had a pretty good idea I'd like the music but didn't know this album would be that good. Yup. Great stuff. A lot sounds fairly Talking Heads-ish which I must say I kinda liked. He didn't have to go to some completely different sound. Others might argue that since it's so Talking Heads-ish, what's so special about it? Well, I like it. Glad I chose this, I look forward to hearing it again! Byrne's got other sounds on other albums so it's gonna be sort of an adventure with him should I ever dload something else of his.

And again, two excellent Garcia-Grisman tunes to close out the trip. El musico twas fantastico!

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