Saturday, February 23, 2008

Mutterings Always Seem To Include Movies

What today's mutterings will be without is an intro. I'm just not feelin' like elaborating on the weather which went up to like 40° this week (4° C) but thankfully is now back down below freezing, in the teens (18° / -8° C) with snow again. Just not ready for Spring! Kinda sorta, I mean, it will be nice to go hiking again... maybe very soon.

Let's see -- Obama plagiarized. Hillary's mad. The NY Times printed crap that isn't true about McCain trying to make him look like the worthless lying cheating candidate. Huckabee's hanging in there to allow people to let their vote count. I think that's respectable considering the idiotic way the system is set up to decide who the candidates will be. Why can't everyone's vote matter? Only certain states? And if your state isn't early enough, who you like might drop out and then your vote goes to waste. Just pathetic. But Huckabee's allowing all those who want him to get their vote cast for him even if he won't get the nomination. I like that.

Hmmm -- Work. Football season? Gone. Hockey's almost never on American TV anymore. Basketball -- eh. College basketball -- little girls game, so boring. Baseball season? On the horizon but with EVERY SINGLE GAME the announcers will be talking about steroids AGAIN this year so I'm not enthused whatso-freakin'-ever.

I like the nominees just fine but here again the system's kinda broken -- so many films that the general public, for the most part, doesn't care about and/or see. Weird.

Yada yada yada. Yup, no intro.

Time for...

from this meme is called: Unconscious MutteringsUnconscious Mutterings

a free association game -- I say... and you think ... ?

1. Protocol :: movie with Goldie Hawn

2. Girlfriends :: I'm not for a mild lack of ex ones... although I don't refer to any as an ex, usually I think "old" girlfriends which can sound like they're all old as older in age... but old here meaning in the past. Maybe psychologically I don't say ex 'cause ex, to me, feels quite negative and most were great relationships with little negative above them. Eh... whatever.

3. Shoulders :: To cry on... but wouldn't that be a funny looking person if they could offer up both shoulders at the same time for one person to cry on?

4. Coming home :: movie with Jon Voight ... and if I remember my Academy Awards history correctly, Mr. Angelina's Jolie's dad was nominated for Best Actor for that role... he may have won... somebody won that year, which was like 78 or 79 I think... I could look it up but I'm just goin' on memory. Oh, and also in the film -- America's most favorite actress, Jane Fonda.

5. Let it in :: Let what in? I ain't lettin' nuttin in unless you tell me what it is. Could be a cheetah-tyrannosaurus rex hybrid with rabies... and on acid... that hasn't eaten in weeks... and is under Raise Taxes-Socialize America-Hussein Was An Okay Fellow mind-control... that could be dangerous.... very, very dangerous.

6. Honor :: Yes, your Honor, No, your Honor... I AIN'T TELLIN' YOU NOTHIN', YOUR HONOR!

Speaking of telling... is it really true that it would be better for a nuclear device to be detonated in some city such as Orlando or Chicago or New York, or Barcelona or Berlin, or Dublin or London or Glasgow, killing tens of thousands of innocent citizens, than to waterboard someone to get information to stop that terrorist attack?

Hmmm... really? An event like that would devastatingly crumble America's economy for quite a long time not to mention be a nightmare that NO country should EVER have to deal with. But it would better to
allow such an attack to occur to murder 10,000 or maybe even 25,000 people rather than waterboard 1?

Hmmm... similarly it would be better if Iran attacked Israel with nuclear weapons rather than America going to war to stop that?


7. Tyler :: Texas... a very small city (or fairly large town... to me a city's gotta have at least a few somewhat tall buildings that stand out ... and since I've never been to Tyler, I don't know if one could look at it and think city. Anyway...) I'm pretty sure somewhere in east Texas... but in that northeast corner area rather than down near Corpus and Mexico.

Speaking of Texas, that's where OUR President, George W. Bush, is from. HONN-NORRR HIIIMMM!!!!!!!!!!! (heh heh... I'm just trying to tick off some liberals by mentioning W. but not speaking badly about him. For anyone reading this who hates him, let's do a quick exercise, shall we? Ready? Name one nice, positive thing about W. Go. Come on. You can do it. Here's one -- he drives an American truck. Here's one more -- following al-Qaeda's horrific attack on our homeland that slaughtered almost 3,000 innocent people, W. has been successfully in charge of keeping the land that he loves, our home, free from terrorism.)

8. Thriller :: Oh, brother -- Michael Jackson.

9. Angela :: [drawing a total blank ... no significant Angela that I know of ... wait, I got one: Angela Lansbury, co-star of National Velvet with Liz Taylor.]

10. The winner is :: me ... duh.

Protocol movie poster, with Goldie Hawn (1984)


Redness said...

OK is you insist ... enjoyed your mutterings too!

redness said...

Ooops s'posed to read IF!

Shirl said...

yeppers, Voight did win the Oscar for Coming Home.

and yeppers, White Shoulders is real.

Serena said...

Ok, I have shoulders for crying on too, one or both. :D Michael Jackson popped up for thriller as well. Your winner answer has me cracking up. Yeah, you win. :D


Kwizgiver said...

You crack me up. :-)

Laane said...

Ah, another person who thinks all Hillary says is true.

Nice list of mutterings.

My mutterings are ::here::


Have a nice week!

Simone said...

I loved the movie and book Angela Ashes

I did not think of other movies - very interesting.

Thanks for stopping by.

forgetfulone said...

Yeah, Jane Fonda's everyone's favorite (NOT)! Tyler is a pretty small town. No tall buildings. A mighty fine little town, though. Good junior college there. Lots of wildflowers. Deep in the heart of Texas. But I live near Houston. Maybe I should move.

Enjoyed your mutterings.

tumblewords said...

Thoughtful post! Deep and provocative. I thought Lansbury, too.

one says one number and the other another
but they were set at the same time. Hmmm...

Calvin and Hobbes in the snow -- animated