Thursday, February 7, 2008

Deadheads Against Obama; or Barack Obama, Shut The Hell Up!

Giving a speech at Tulane University this morning, in the once great city on the banks of the Mighty Mississippi, the City of New Orleans, Barack Obama, in trying to win the hearts and minds of as many people as possible, said the following:

"Katrina may have battered the levees, but it also exposed silent storms that have ravaged parts of this city and our country for far too long. The storms of poverty and jobless, inequality, and injustice... those are the storms that swirled before Katrina hit.

I was down in Houston visiting evacuees a few days after Katrina. I met a woman in the Reliant Center who had long known these storms in her life. She told me, and I quote,

'We had nothing before the hurricane, now we got less than nothing.'

'We had nothing before the hurricane, now we got less than nothing.' Think about... I think about her sometimes, I think about how America left her behind before the storm. I wonder where she is today. America failed that woman long before that failure showed up on our television screens."

Mr. Obama, what were that woman's circumstances before Hurricane Katrina? You didn't fill ANYONE in on exactly what she was going through in her life and how she got there.

My impression is that Obama was suggesting that the woman was in poverty and it wasn't her fault.


Everyone in America who lives in poverty, that's the government's fault? Surely it couldn't be my fault or my neighbor's fault. Poverty must be the fault of the government, right?

Okay, I'd agree that the politicians in Washington should do more to help people get out of poverty -- I don't have the answers but I know that the help should be in helping them to help themselves get out of poverty.

That woman that Obama spoke of, perhaps her poverty was HER OWN DOING. If that's the case, is it up to the government to give them handouts so they can move beyond poverty? No. Therefore the government should definitely NOT be taking more of our hard-earned money in order to pay for such handouts. The mere thought of raising taxes to establish free handout programs for those in poverty, it's dangerously raising my blood pressure and really pissing me off.

Sadly, wealthy liberal politicians and businessmen and actors and musicians (who shall remain nameless) must not be able to remember what it's like to stretch a dollar or what it's like for every paycheck to be carefully used rather than spent like it's no big deal. For the most part, OUR money should remain OUR money...

...and people should bust their own asses to get out of poverty. There are Americans doing that EVERY single day. Hell, in the United States there are MILLIONS of illegal immigrants from many different nations doing that EVERY single day!!!! They help themselves. In many cases, they've risked their lives to come here to help themselves and even their families in poverty back home. I'm not endorsing being here illegally but making a point that people who aren't even from here, they know the value of hard work in America to earn a paycheck to help themselves. Maybe more Americans in poverty oughta ask the illegals for advice.

What the government needs to do is stop spending idiotically for things like a children's museum dedicated to the history of peanuts or a neighborhood beautification project that will raise the home value of the politician who tacked the earmark onto some bill passed by Congress and ultimately signed by the President.

Spending responsibly could truly change the face of this nation to give more people more of an opportunity. But one of the most amazing things about this country is people in ANY situation are allowed to rise above... all they've got to do is work hard enough. From every hellish neighborhood and school in this country, someone's made it out successfully through hard work and the desire to live a better life than those around them. It is possible.

Look, bottomline is the government should not be taking more of what U.S. citizens work hard to earn in order to give to those who haven't helped or those who just won't help themselves. The government should encourage us to help our fellow citizens... but not force us to.

So shut up, Obama. You'd probably make a very good president who truly cares about the citizens of this great land... but NO raising taxes.

But wait. Obama's still a very misguided fool for wanting to appease the evil of Saddam Hussein. With all the information that we had about the man and his dictatorship, Obama thought that was okay? Let's allow him do as he pleases? Let him keep on breaking U.N. resolutions against him? Let him keep making deals with certain countries so he could attain personal wealth and luxuries that he didn't give to the citizens of his nation? Let him keep spying on weapons inspectors and giving them the run-around? Let him keep on encouraging suicide attacks on Israel and paying the families of those who've blown themselves up? Let him keep on allowing al-Qaeda to have a training camp within the borders of Iraq?

I guess Saddam was an okay guy, huh, Obama?

Oh, and wanting America to surrender to al-Qaeda and leave Iraq in defeat, allowing instability to rule, allowing genocide to occur, allowing Iran to influence the entire region... did I mention allowing America to surrender and be defeated by al-Qaeda? All of that is despicable.

Barack Obama does not deserve to be President.

Not of this country.


btsacto said...

Funny, the remnants of the Dead played a concert in support of Obama just a few days ago. I thought this was peculiar since the Dead historically refused to get involved in politics.

I probably couldn't disagree with you more (being a social worker), but do agree that a little more information about the woman's life would have been helpful. Any politician I've ever seen takes information and spins it to make their platform.

On the other hand, the welfare reform of the late 90's (Clinton administration) has had a dramatic effect on decreasing the number of people on the dole, overall (I'm too lazy to look this up, but there was an AP article about it just a few months ago). Some were motivated immediately, and took advantage of the workforce development services offered them to get them on their feet.

Generational poverty is indeed a tough thing to break out of - I've seen it first-hand - once you are in the system, trust me, it's very difficult to get back out. But some do, and some will. Katrina uncovered one of America's dirty secrets - the poverty in New Orleans has been there for decades and ignored. New Orleans is but only one such city where this occurs. Further, I have been less than impressed with our governments initial, let alone their long-term stance on the whole Katrina issue.

I'm sorry, but if we can send billions and billions of dollars to fight in Iraq, there's absolutely NO REASON we have poor and homeless people in our own country. Just yesterday the Department of Defense said "we don't know what the budget for Iraq will be this next year, so we're not giving Congress any numbers - we'll just fill that in later - just go ahead and approve our multi-trillion budget".

Now, who is on the dole?

Just a few of my thoughts.

PS - I love your blog!

Nazz Nomad said...

"You'd probably make a very good president who truly cares about the citizens of this great land"

case closed.

after the scumbag GW Bush, i'll take a prez who cares about the country and not just corporate interests.

and he's fukloads better than Billary.

Zooomabooma said...

btsacto - thanks and thankfully I don't wanna debate any of that right now...

but Nazz...

Bush is not a scumbag. There's no basis to that. That's just hateful thinking practically in line with wishing his helicopter would crash and he'd die or something.

Fact o' the matter is Bush cares VERY deeply about the security and the citizens of this nation. You haven't seen him cry, have you? I have. Maybe that was just acting because all he cares about is oil and making his cronies rich? That's a load of liberal propaganda crap that so many misguided people run with because all they can do is hate without seeing through the haze of their own bullshit.

We have been kept safe here at home due in great part to our President's leadership. He's not stripped citizens of their civil or human rights. I don't feel like I'm walking and living in a police state. He's made very difficult decisions and some very controversial ones. But why? So real scumbags don't use planes as missiles again or detonate themselves on an average Monday morning commute into New York City on the Long Island Rail Road or in any other public place in America.

That has not happened. Do you think there are no more people out there who want to commit such acts against us? Maybe those 19 hijackers were the only ones and whew, thank God we're actually safe now and have been since 9-11. No one left who wants us dead?

Yeah right.

Thank God for a President who's made it his number 1 priority to keep us safe. He's no scumbag for that. Those who wish to set up training camps to terrorize you and me and everyone who doesn't think like they do, they're the scumbags. Sure Obama would care about citizens of the U.S. but under his leadership we'd be more susceptible to attacks within our borders. He'd care more about raising our taxes to help everyone get out of poverty while leaving the dooshbags to regroup in Iraq and Iran and Afghanistan, they'd become stronger than they are now.

We can't have that.

As far as Bush only bowing down to corporations, man, that's just more propaganda. Politicians and corporations go together like crack and crackwhores. Not just Republican politicians... it's all across the board, my friend. The Dems are in control of the Senate, right? Why is the approval rating for Congress LOWER than Bush's? Because BOTH Repubs AND Dems do jackshit for us. This is not a government for the people, it's a government for the corporations. That's sad.

At least we have a President who is always looking out for the safety of our citizens.

An interesting thought here -- what if we had an attack here at home? Wouldn't Bush and "his cronies" be able to profit from it? How come he hasn't let it happen then?

I'm sick of defending the man but sometimes it is called for. I ain't sayin' he's one of this country's greatest presidents, but I'm sure damn glad we haven't had Al Gore or John Kerry in office these past years.

And now we've got to look out for what's most important: our national security and being able to keep MORE of the money we work hard to earn. Obama or anyone else busting their ass to save the economy and raise people out of poverty, all of that will mean NOTHING if we're attacked again. If we're attacked again our economy will tank lower than this nation has ever seen it. If we're not attacked again, then we have some breathing space to work on other issues.

I just pray we have a President like Bush again in that it's a person who will stand firm against those scum-sucking Islamic fascist pieces of crap who want to cut our heads off and shove our testicles in our mouths.

That won't be Obama.

Lookin' In said...

Zooom, great post and great comment.I too, am not happy about every move that President Bush has made.However, I will never forget what happened on Sept. 11th, as many in this country, it's appears, have. My problem now is the lack of a viable candidate to lead this country in 2009 and beyond. LBJ's "Great Society" has been perpetuated into a "Society of Slackers". I believe in the following statement.It is not from the Bible, it is from the man on the obverse side of a C note.
"God helps those who help themselves"!

Sam said...

Good stuff happening here lately Chris. I've really enjoyed reading all this stuff.

BTW, go Obama. ;-)

Anonymous said...

GOBAMA! This is gonna be great! Get ready, wing nuts. Your day is done.

Zooomabooma said...

Yeah, Obama!!!!! Wooohoooo!!!!

Raise our taxes, steal more of the money we work hard to earn!!!!


Bring our troops home from Iraq and Afghanistan immediately, let radical Islam rule the middle east as far as it wants to... afterall, it'll probably never hit here again, right? We just need to sit down and talk with them, try diplomacy with the terrorists. And if the Taliban rules Afghanistan again, that's fine, not our problem, right? And if Iran and Syria rule Iraq, if genocide occurs, if Iran keeps building towards nuclear weapons, who cares, not our problems, right?

Yeah... that's the ticket.

I'm so looking forward to that world.

Sarcasm done. Have a nice day.

Anonymous said...

I don't understand your anti-tax stance when you seem to be okay with the government's current deficit spending to fight "terrorism." So we don't raise taxes to please the anti-responsibility generation that wants everything as long as someone else pays for it, but that deficit IS a insidious tax that comes with the ADDED tax of interest payments. And who will have to pay for our folly? The next generation that can't vote now, so they are being taxed with only lip service representation. Do you not object to raising their taxes?

Conservatives are so full of shit. When will they obey their stupid beliefs in Jesus who told people to PAY their taxes, to love their enemies, to keep church and state separate. Seems like faith is only important to the conservative mind when it can be used as a weapon against the weak and the poor. Oh yeah...those people ARE Jesus if the conservatives ever bothered to read their Bibles.'s all rhetoric to get the welfare money for themselves.

This generation is so full of themselves and full of shit. Hmmmmm
guess they are just full.

Zooomabooma said...

Thank you for your lovely comment. I find it oh so special and so heartwarming that you wish to piss on conservatives and Christians as if you are better than them and they just stoopid idiot morons. Once again -- lovely.

And I'm sorry you feel "terrorism" must be some conservative Christian imaginary device used to... instill fear in people? I'm not sure what you're thinking. Maybe America should listen to you and realize that "terrorism" is indeed a load of crap and what we need to do is raise taxes to pay for welfare moms to give birth to three different children from three different dads. Yes, "terrorism" isn't a threat to anyone, it's lack of SOCIALIZED healthcare that is. Where'm I wrong?

Anonymous said...

Yes, nothing conservatives and Christians hate more than the truth. LOL Once again, you bring up welfare moms and terrorism...the red herrings of the chickenshit right wing morons.

Yet you proudly display a US Marines seal. Is there a bigger welfare mommmy sucking off the government teat than the US Military? BILLIONS each year and yet so incompetent they haven't won a war since WWII. Oh, they talk a good game. Conservatives always do.

Why is it that Christians LOVE to shove their religion down the throats of others while avoiding any opportunity to follow it themselves? Those welfare mommies are Jesus again...and how you treat them is how you treat your lord and savior dumb shit.
READ your stupid Bible and follow it or shut the fuck up, hypocrite. Your fear of terrorism proves you have no faith whatsoever. Christianity is just a weapon you wield as the radical muslim morons do with islam.

And your continual whining about taxes and how THEY take the money of people work so hard for... Did it ever occur to you that nothing they do is in secret? Do you bother to follow what your representatives in Congress vote on? Do you contact them ahead of time and tell them NOT to vote on pork? When you whine about how they should let people keep their hard earned money, do you consider all the tax cuts Mr. Bush shoved through, then had the audacity to submit a deficit budget? Is the country NOT worth your money? And how right wing Christian it is of you to give away other people's property on here. Do you personally pony up the royalties you rob from them like some sort of liberal representative run amok in the halls of congress? At least you have a voice in who you send there to spend your money. Who represents the artists on your blog whose property you think NOTHING of giving away.

Don't give me your ignorant petty conservative crap, little boy. You are no different than the liberals you love to tear into. Yes I do wish to piss on conservatives and Christians. Conservatives are not conservative and adult believing in fairy tales in the 21st century is sad. And it's a fairy tale to you or you'd live it. Don't think people don't read the Bible just because you don't. The path of a true Christian is unmistakable. But it's not the path you're on.

Zooomabooma said...


Liberalism is filled with so much vile hatred.

Al Qaeda ... liberals. Al Qaeda ... liberals. When you weigh 'em out Al Qaeda probably still wins as far as who's worse ... but from the words spewed forth by Captain Anonymous here, I get the impression that this liberal wants all conservatives and all Christians rounded up and what? Slaughtered?


I'm actually glad you've left the comments you have. It's a reminder to me and to many about the sad, bitter, angry, lost souls out there who just don't have much of a clue.

One thing's true, I am different than many liberals and different than you. You see, I love you, man. I care about you. If you ever want to talk, just email me.

Peace, Love & God Bless, bro :)

Anonymous said...

I appreciate your totally wrong psychological assessments and refusal to respond to any issues raised. Hypocrisy works best when it ignores most.

I do have to hand it to you. Most people would delete comments contrary to their own beliefs. Me, liberal? I think not. And I'd not slaughter a single christian or conservative. They are already dead.

Thanks for the Hitler comment. How did you know I was a Jew? You Arrayan Nation guys on on top of things.

Zooomabooma said...

Others might delete your comments and truly I thought about it for a second or two... but they are a reminder to people how Christians and conservatives, even if their thoughts and actions never come close to being hateful, can be so viciously despised and figuratively spat upon just for thinking the way they do.

Serious and dangerous extremism from the far-left ... it exists and here's a piece of that.

Maybe someone will see how ugly your words are and think to themselves that they never want to be like that. All it does is create or maintain division and gets nothing solved.

Or maybe someone else will reach out to you as I have and there'll be a positive outcome for you.

I would have liked to have discussed in a civil manner facts surrounding different sides of issues... and while sometimes I may lose my cool and leave the bounds of being civil, you stormed in here crossing that line 20 times over. That was uncalled for. To debate with someone who has walked in the room belittling and full of hate, that just ain't something I wanna do.

In any case, my offer still stands to you, my friend -- if you need someone to talk to, feel free to email me.

We may have disagreements, and even if you feel Christians and conservatives are worthless wastes of space, I won't treat you like trash.

Old Cloots said...

I don't see the point in debating some anonymous dipshit, Zooma. Who gives a crap what he thinks?

one says one number and the other another
but they were set at the same time. Hmmm...

Calvin and Hobbes in the snow -- animated