Thursday, December 6, 2007

Who's Worse?

From the Omaha World-Herald:

"I'm going to be famous now," the 19-year-old wrote in a suicide note before killing eight, wounding five and killing himself Wednesday afternoon at the Von Maur department store at Westroads Mall.

The shooting was the worst single day of violence in state history.

The very first sentence of the story says
that the shooter
made his wish come true Wednesday.


The shooter made his wish come true?

Does public notoriety happen if no one hears about what you did?

I submit that it was the major media outlets who made the shooters wish come true.

MSNBC Jerkface Assholes Fox News Channel GUILTY as well CNN also has blood on their hands New York Daily News ... shock and awe in making a hero out of a mental health case gone horribly wrong


Major Media Outlets, like these, who are giving the news 24 hours a day to millions of people commit the worse crime by glamorizing what the shooter did.

They glamorized it?

To the unbalanced mind, to the messed up individual out there at home collecting ammo while he masturbates thinking about killing people, to that person who needs psychological help in order to not commit a crime like the one yesterday, yeah, the Major Media Outlets made this dillhole schmuckwad in Omaha a Shining Star, a Dylan Klebold, an Eric Harris, a Virginia Tech whatever that person's name was. Now there's a new name for the Hall of Fame. A new hero.

Because of the story being all over the news, in the future there will be new mass shootings resulting in cowardly suicide that will be carried out with him in mind.

And who'll be responsible? A huge part of the blame will fall right back onto the Major Media Outlets. They always scramble like mad to provide the very best coverage of every incident where somebody goes and blows a whole bunch of others away.

But what if no one ever heard about these shooters?

Perhaps inside of some potential murderer out there, the idea would never be planted and it would never grow to the point of action simply because... because he never saw it on the TV news or read about on the internet. Wow.

News and stories can have an impact on people. Sometimes a person sees a story and is moved to organize a non-profit to help bring a little Christmas from home to troops helping to bring freedom to countries on other continents. Or someone sees a story and starts a fundraiser to help a child who has cancer.

Or someone sees a story about mass murder and thinks -- "Yeah! I wanna do that!! This is how I can become famous, too!"

So who's worse? The mentally ill person who commits such a crime?

...or the Major Media Outlets for helping spread the news far and wide about the horrible crimes these people commit?


Sam said...

I've posted on this topic before, but I'll share again that this kind of stuff pisses me off. The huge media players live and thrive off this stuff. They send their best people to do 'on-location' shots. What are we doing? Just like you said, glamorizing. It at first makes me mad and then sad and right back to mad.

Nazz Nomad said...

it's heinous that the media plays it up. however, it is major news. there is no way you could ignore something like this.

i am waiting for one of the on-line merchants (amazon perhaps?) to run an ad saying "shop at home with amazon and be safe"

the next 3 weeks of bullshit and the obligatory US magazine cover and Oprah heartwarmingly hugging the victims family is what needs to be eliminated.

Mark said...

"I submit that it was the major media outlets who made the shooters wish come true."

Absolutely. Couldn't argue with that.

But can the media really NOT report on incidents like this?

Zooomabooma said...

So the media keeps reporting and the seed keeps getting planted and shootings keep happening and peoples loved ones keep getting blown away.

How could it be ignored by the media? Can they not report on these incidents?

In order to cut down on this type of violence, they need to.

That's plain and simple.

But that goes completely against what they do.

And since they insist on reporting each incident as in depth as they can, obviously deep down they don't care if a gunman kills 8 in a mall or thirtysomething on a school campus.

Could they just stop reporting such incidents?

Well, they won't show a person commit suicide, they won't show a person get murdered, they won't show a beheading... there are things the major media outlets just don't do... so yeah, they probably could stop reporting such incidents...

but I guess they just don't mind these shooting sprees where people are slaughtered.

They just don't mind.

Meanwhile some 15 year old kid is seeing all the coverage and thinking -- "That's gonna be me someday! Maybe I can kill 40 people before they get me. I'll be famous, too!!!!"

That's swell.

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