Thursday, December 27, 2007

twinkly twinkly, thank you, thank you very much

Yeah, it's now past Christmas but I just found this (by accident) this morning, posted by Sandra Lynn who's a Jersey girl like I would be... if I was a girl which I'm not but I'm from Jersey, yo, so we've got that in common. Truly if this video was from somewhere like Dayton or Las Cruces ... or Canarsie, I wouldn't give a darn. But I was like -- Hey, the Elvis House, I know that place! I grew up just a few miles away. So thanks, Sandra, for posting this up! May I call you Sandra? Sandra Lynn? Person from Jersey, it'll be.

Mahwah, New Jersey is where this place is, in northwest Bergen County about 25 miles (west northwest) from midtown Manhattan. The house is so named 'cause the dude who lives there made (does still make?) a good living as an Elvis impersonator. (I didn't know there was such a demand for Elvis Costello impersonators!)

On the Grand Scale of Christmas lights on people's homes, this ranks Wayyyyy up there when it comes to money spent on electricity plus brightness, twinklyness, famousness, etcness. I'm sure there are many in America who top this, but when you're talkin' Top 1% overall across the whole nation, this is one of those!

I'm not gonna check but I wouldn't be surprised if this house had its own Wikipedia page! I did check one thing, I typed in -- "elvis house" mahwah -- and whoa, this place is a lot more famous that I knew... but I'm not really surprised. Surely it's been in the major newspaper the Bergen Record before, and probably more than likely on the local NYC news. Each December there'd be a line of cars, especially on the weekend, to see this house. I grew up not too far away and made a trek or two over there with friends... with Amanda I'm rememberin' now, yeah, good Christmastime that was!

I also had 2 friends (brothers) whose family moved over to this very street (that's their property on the right side as the car drives up) so from hangin' out at their house sometimes, this scene became no real big deal for me. Still pretty impressive as far as twinkly Christmas lights go.

Here's another 8 seconds worth:

Pictures found without much trouble in the Google link above probably do it better justice (or the two pics in the link I put in Comments) ... but seein' it in person is how you really must see it so go ahead and make plans now!


Sandra Lynn said...

Sure, call me Sandie like everyone else does. Thanks for posting my sad, pathetic attempt at video capture in your blog. You really DO need to see it in person because you have no idea how many lights are really on that house unless you see it in person.

While we drove past the back of the house (which is just as lit up...omg is it EVER), allll the lights in the back suddenly went out. First time I ever saw that happen. I know it was an accident because his initials that are in the grass back there were only half lit. We were joking on how tough it would be to figure out which bulb went bad...

If anyone needs directions, please let me know as we wrote them down this time so we could pass them along to any interested parties.

Zooomabooma said...

Directions... I'm not sure anyone will need them from seeing this posting... especially since the lights'll be done with after New Years Day, but, and this is sooooooooo against my better judgement 'cause I just don't dig the cops, especially a department that's had me in cuffs before... long time ago, Thanks, Mahwah! but here's a link to Directions PLUS a couple great pictures of the lights at Elvis' house.

And, no, that's not a pathetic attempt at video. Don't put your stuff down! There's a gazillion tons worse out there! A gazillion and a half maybe! If it truly stunk, I wouldn't have posted it here but I thought it was good enough so thanks again!

vw bug said...

My hubby is from South Jersey. Small world. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.

Jes said...

I've seen this house! I'm a Pennsylvania girl. Seeing this made me a little homesick for America, especially the East Coast. :)

one says one number and the other another
but they were set at the same time. Hmmm...

Calvin and Hobbes in the snow -- animated