Friday, December 21, 2007

Doesn't selfishness rule America?

Uncle Sam Support The Troops ... AND the war to free Iraq... SUPPORT ITTTTTT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

It's true, sometimes people do great things.

I just wish it didn't always happen most at Christmastime. (What's wrong with the other 11 freakin' months of the year?!)

No matter when, Random Acts of Kindness are a beautiful thing!

This morning I saw the following on CNN Headline News ... across the internet it's getting a whopping load of NON-attention... just one single website for a TV station in Bowling Green, Kentucky is carrying this story! The internet's pretty big, right? [update: another in NC now has it, a few minutes after I first checked.]

Anonymous North Carolina Man
Pays For All Mail Sent to Armed Forces

WAYNESVILLE, N.C. -- It's a random act of kindness that has everyone in the town of Waynesville, NC talking. Someone picked up the tab for every single piece of postage being sent to members of the armed forces serving oversees.

Its four days before Christmas. You expect the post office parking lot to be full, the doors to be swinging, and the lines to be long.

But no one could have expected this: free postage for every package being sent to American military serving overseas.

(read more/watch the video)

Pretty cool.


Erica said...


GUYK said...

Good deeds are done every day of the is just that at this time of year the media publishes about one to get a headline.

So many of these deeds don't sound like much...but a visit to the Vets rest home with a six pack of sodas any day of the week is a good deed and appreciated by some guys and gals who get mighty lonely.

Yeah, most of us drop some change in the box this time of year for the Starvation Army and a lot of us will donate cash or toys for the children. Some of us will even donate a food box for those who need it. But there are a lot of us that do this all year...not just at Christmas time.

The people of the US of A are the most generous on earth and have always been willing to share our bounty...but I do believe that is what has made us the most hated nation on earth..our bounty and willingness to share reminds the rest how fortunate we are as well as pointing out and reminding them of their political and religious weaknesses. A poor man usually despises the wealthy..not because of the wealth but because the poor man is reminded that he does not have the self discipline nor ability to ever gain that wealth.

joated said...

I believe GuyK has hit it on the head. Except for the small community papers, you seldom see any reporting of the good deeds that get done. Even then they probably report only a small fraction of those that occur.

Zooomabooma said...

Christmastime is when Giving is stressed the most compared the other 11 months of the year. So many charities would be able to tell you that their numbers are up in December.

I am quite sure that good deeds are done year round -- but at Christmastime is when they are highest. That saddens the hell out of me.

It's so true that the U.S. is the most generous on Earth... that's something always on my mind and I'm willing to throw it out there and acknowledge it when possible! God Bless this GREAT land when it comes to giving to charities right here at home or to those who help in other nations and especially during a time of great tragedy (a natural disaster.)

But still America is selfish and so much so that it's disgusting to no end.

People (in general) care so much about their manicured lawns and having new cars in the driveway and expensive clothes on their backs. Usually people spend according to what they make. Ford no long becomes good enough when a Mercedes can be afforded. A 1,500 square foot home that's worth $250,000 isn't nice enough when one that's 4,000 square feet and worth $800,000 can be afforded.

People collect stuff out the wazoo spending buttloads of money on things they don't need. I'm guilty of buying stuff I don't need, as well. My point is I believe (nearly) EVERYONE has EXTRA money that that COULD give if they cared more. It's so amazing the wealth there is in this country. While we are the most generous on Earth... we're also so very selfish because of this society we live in. Why can't a man who makes $200,000 a year live in a modest home and drive a modest car while giving away most of what he does not need to live?

I just spend a moment shaking my head before this sentence because it blows my mind how much Americans spend on themselves because they're unaware at how much the world suffers. They'd rather build a DVD collection than help starving people in Zambia. Pizza and soda and beer every week is more important than villages who don't even have clean drinking water. And my mind right now is only on Middle Class Americans. The rich -- who really needs a million dollar home much less a 12 million dollar home?

Selfishness reigns supreme in this land.

Still people do great things because they understand that hording money for personal luxuries is not what's most important in this world. I just wish more people would spread that around more throughout the other months and not let Giving be just a Christmastime thing, for the most part... which it is.

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