Sunday, December 9, 2007


There were supposed to be NO more overnight shifts for me for about two weeks, right up until December 20th or so.

Spent all day yesterday with a schedule full of nothing. I was soooo busy with a heaping helping of plain old nada. Nada, I tell you. Nada! Speckunzy Espanyole?

Then comes the call -- "Can you work the overnight shift, we're down one EMT and it's Saturday night."

Well, I could've lied, could've told 'em -- No way, Jack, if you could see how busy I am with doing nothing, you'd understand.

But I thought -- No, I probably shouldn't lie to 'em.

So I went in. Tried to take a nap beforehand... I think I accomplished a whole whopping 40 minutes of sleep preceded by like 50 minutes of trying to sleep. Greaaaaaat. Kept saying over and over to myself that I absolutely should not have agreed to work. However, sleepiness never once showed itself while I was on the clock so no worries.

It's only been a few minutes that I've been back home at my house (this is the comfortably familiar place where I live, where my dog lives, where my clothes are, where my music is and my VW bus is out back... but I'm pretty sure I don't really have a home.)

Anyway... football (American style) has just started. Breakfast with the NFL.

So today will be yet another day without going for a run. Desperately I need sleep so my motivation level right now, on the 0 to 10 Scale, is at about -14. I want to run... but it ain't gonna happen. Over the course of these 31 days of December, I was so looking forward to crushing last months run time total. Crushing it!!! Right now the pace is pathetic.

No exercise = not good.

Oh well. Even though there's football on today, I'm gonna try to get a show in. My mind was made up that it would come immediately after these words are done... but I think it's gonna have to wait until tonight. I'm sooooo tired.

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Mariposa said...

Hope you are well rested now...and you can run another sleep is no good too... ;)

Have a nice week ahead!

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