Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Super Boring Useless Day Cold Complaint

KleenexAll I wanted to do today was NOTHING. Well, nothing + a run. That's it! Other than nothing + a run, I wanted to accomplish zip, zilch, nada, zero, and any other words that mean NOTHING which I should know in French, Russian, and Turkish but they just ain't coming to mind, that is if I ever knew them in the first place. (Learning languages doesn't always mean learning every single word!)

After working a 24 hour shift (which I did Christmas Eve -> Christmas day) where I get a spot of sleep, a spot of sleep there, all I wanna do is have a pint, sleep for maybe half a day, and then be the laziest sum-biotche on Earth... + go for a run.

No run so I failed, kind of, I mean it's not that big of a deal but it is but it's not but whatever.

The worst part of everything in this life today -- somebody gave me a cold.

Seriously?!? When you're an EMT for the community, even on Christmas, you come into contact with a loooooooooooooooot of people and if they're not lonely senior citizens they're wounded people and if they're not wounded people they're looney people and if they're not looney people then they're freakin' sick in some way and that could be as little as a cold and I just typed all this without looking at the keyboard and with TWO fingers, sometimes three, I think, and since I only use two or three fingers and I'm kinda fast then hey, that's not bad especially....

especially since I'm half whacked outta my gourd, it seems, on over-the-counter Cold/Allergy medication which isn't doing A DAMN THING FOR ME except making me loopy.

These freakin' pills DON'T WORK. Take 2 for 8 hours or something like that. What if two doesn't work? Take 2 more. What if 4 in an hour doesn't work? Take 2 more, of course. 6 in an hour and a half? And still for my nose they do NOTHING. Yay.

I wanna watch a movie but my head it so hazy that I might as well just watch paint dry 'cause I think I'd be able to concentrate on paint but a film? Haaa!

The worst part, didn't I say that already? If I didn't then I thought it. I could scroll up and check but I don't wanna.

Anyway, the worst part is I go through these periods of having to blow my nose EVERY FREAKIN' MINUTE. Très annoying. Aside from that ticking me off quite severely, I basically feel fine... except for the head cloudiness because of the stoopid ass cold tablet dealies which HAVE DONE NOTHING.

Fun day. Sleep was good. Being awake sucked. At least I don't have to work until Friday!

Now, since this post is nothing but shlum, and frankly if shlum isn't a word then it is now and if it means something else, then it has a new meaning now, since this shlum is so pointless and really I have no idea why I'm typing it or why I'll Publish it... or what my next thought even will be, I apologize for taking up space in the world today even if it's just with this idiotic moronic post that I'm guessing not more than 3 people will even read all the way through... and if you did -- WHY?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!

That is all. Time to blow my damn nose.

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