Saturday, December 22, 2007

Bah Damn Humbug

Yeah, so what the hell??? I got off work a half hour ago at 9, just finished a 12 hour shift, and I'm stoked for a run. What do I find out -- The Rec Center at University closed early. No frickin' way!!

Alright, after standing outside in the 12 below night cursing those who didn't think that I wanted to get some exercise in after work tonight, I instantly devise a Plan B -- head on down to the other gym in town where I know there's an indoor track. And when I get there: Closed. What?! Oh, come onnnnn!!!! I didn't have a pass for that gym, wasn't about to fill out paperwork for a membership but I knew the odds were in my favor that I could show my EMS I.D. and finagle 15½ minutes of track time for no fee. Woulda been a piece of cake, I tell ya what.
Apparently they close at 9 on Saturday. So ain't that swell.

Now I'm in a bad mood. And now I know that "finagle" is an actual word but it's not an accurate word here. "Crafty and deceitful" it says. Crafty yes. Deceitful no.

In any case, Bah freakin' Humbug I'm pissed. I skipped running yesterday, and I thought there'd be no problem for getting a run in tonight. Damn it all to heck.

Oh well. No work tomorrow and according to the sign on the door at the Rec Center, they're closed until Wednesday. Great. Thanks, people. Yup, thanks so much.

So tomorrow I've gotta put my crafty plan in place and git me 15½ minutes of free track time.

All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy?
Well, no exercise will make me a fat boy who'll probably develop diabetes... DO... NOT... WANT... THAT! So must exercise.

Now -- time to shower and get a ride to the bar 'cause it be pitcher time!

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