Saturday, December 15, 2007

Small Problems and I Still Hate Cops

I was wanting to put up a show today, a show from December 15 ... but yay (I groan sarcastically) the upload for one of the sets has stalled on me 3 times now in the past 24 hours ... so it'll be at least a day late but hopefully tomorrow.

Then hopefully Jerry Garcia Band midweek. Same Bat Time, Same Bat Station. Y'all tune in now, ya hear?

A half hour ago at 8:00 a.m. I tried to turn on Fox NFL Sunday. It wasn't there. Not on? What the heck?! Ahhh... I see, it's not Sunday yet.

It's just Saturday so I'm off to work in a few minutes. NFL tomorrow.

And being an American should mean HATE THE POLICE because they, in general, are power abusing jerks who deserve NO respect unless they first earn it. Often people sign up to become a cop because they have issues in their personal lives that makes them want to control and/or beat on people legally. Pigs way too often use too much force... and then more often than not they are cleared of their abuse. Pathetic. I work with pigs all the time and some are really great people -- but contempt for the police must ALWAYS come first because they are not to be trusted by adults who know better.

I guess on a rare occasion, an exception to honor a cop can be made and here's a funny dude from... [shiver] Rhode Island. He's retired but directs traffic in Providence every Christmastime.


Mark said...

I like cops. Hate to say, but that was a hell of an over-generalization, IMHO, Zooma. In my experience I've found that if you treat them with respect, they respond in kind.

Sure there are abuses. There are abujses anytime someone is given power. But I know a lot of cops who are truly in it to help, and they are good, honest people.

GUYK said...

Never had any problems with cops..but then I learned to say yes sir and no sir when I wuz a kid..

is it cold in North Pole? I reckon that if I could have convinced my wife that freezing in the dark enhances character we would still be there

Zooomabooma said...

It's funny, my mom & dad brought me up well, taught me to be a gentleman, to be respectful, to be kind...

and then I became a Deadhead.

These days I might call Christ Lord and Savior of my life, I might try to do what's best in this world, even respect the laws that lawmakers put on the books for society to obey...

but I'd sooner tell a cop to go to hell just 'cause he's lookin at me than be nice and chummy with him.

It's not about first treating them with respect and then getting respect in return. That's bullcrap. What makes some pig better than me that I first have to bow down and lick his boots before he respects me?!

WAY too many hassles through the years from way too many of 'em. They only put themselves in a horrible light every time they pick on people. And God knows they pull people over if they just look funny. Don't matter that they weren't doing anything wrong. Cops will often go to every length possible to arrest someone. Way too often you're guilty just 'cause you were born. Guilty of what? Of whatever, anything that'll allow $^&@% $@^&#*%$# %!@%%#* to put handcuffs on you. Plus they get to use excessive force, to beat people up... and then 99.7% of the time fellow cops higher up clear them of all wrongdoing. What?!?!?! That's gotta be the worst. Boggles my mind. Suspect is subdued in handcuffs and the cops is allowed to beat on him? No problem? Give me a break.

It ain't right.

I'm not a sayin that every cop ever is a bad person... I'm sure many sign up and always do the right thing to help people, often they are genuine heroes... I will acknowledge that. But until the extreme level of police abuse ends in America, or a particular officer displays that he is a human being and not an overbearing "authority" figure who has more importance than me, cops are never to be trusted.

Kind of like our government.

Mark said...

Well, I wasn't trying to imply that cops should be shown respect first for one to expect it in return.

I think we all need to treat each other with more respect.

My point, I guess, was that if one calls them a pig and tell them to fuck off first, how can one expect them NOT to have an issue with you?

Not really sure where this is coming from, Zooma, but I think we need to agree to disagree on this one and leave it at that.

Too much more important shit in common for us to pursue this silliness...


Diana said...

I wonder if he is single...

one says one number and the other another
but they were set at the same time. Hmmm...

Calvin and Hobbes in the snow -- animated