Saturday, December 1, 2007

So Many Miles Away

Okay... it's now what for me? Morning? I don't especially like sleeping practically all friggin' day long after getting off of work at 9 in the morning. That's what I did. Slept through the afternoon. Slept through evening. Almost 10 o'clock at night finally I'm up and out of bed.

If I stayed awake all day... well, I should stop right there 'cause that wouldn't even be possible with the human body needing sleep. Mine sure did today. Just glad, I am, that it was only college football day. If it was an NFL day, that woulda sucked. But since it was only little girls playing, I didn't miss anything important.

Unfortunately all that sleep meant: No Run. Very bad.

Amount of running, last week of November: So little.

Getting so little exercise: Very bad.

Then to start off December: [shaking my head] ... not good. You can't get exercise from running while asleep. I'm pretty sure that's not possible. So I'm not happy with myself. Ingesting approximately 87,204 calories while burning only a few thousand: Very bad.

Hopefully things will turn around!

Well, how about some tunes then? I think I'll give the following another listen for this post and then by midnight I'll be out in a bar putting away a Guinness or two. Considering I just woke up a little while ago, how about some eggs with that first pint? Breakfast time!

Miles Davis - DecoyMiles Davis




Robot 415
Code M.D.
Freaky Deaky
What It Is
That's Right
That's What Happened

Wow. Could this be any further away from the Miles Davis I've listened to in the past? This is so far out there. It makes me wonder if true blue Miles Heads either discount this as real and/or almost never ever listen to it.

Right from the start, Decoy sounds like the score to some early 1980's, quite lame cops and bad guys flick, taking place mainly 'round the streets of downtown Los Angeles, way at night when the pimps, hos, and general lowlifes are out and about.

Through Robot 415 and Code M.D. that heavily synthesized sound continues. To my untrained ears, there's almost no resemblance whatsoever to jazz. Paging Alex Foley.

Finally with Freaky Deaky comes some interesting territory. This is almost similar to Space coming out of Drums in a Grateful Dead show. There's a constant bass line and in Space, nothing's generally constant but here Miles (on synthesizer) and the musicians working with him, explore a cool space sound. Definitely diggable!

What It Is kicks off some funk where "Space" ends. Branford Marsalis is pretty noticeable on this one. He was just a kid, almost, when he worked with Miles around this period of time. He didn't even have an album of his own yet, was a long way from leading the band on The Tonight Show and playing with the Dead. Here he is, blowin' alongside Miles and on his own at times.

That's Right is the closest thing, methinks, to Jazz on this album. And man.... when the guitar (played by John Scofield) starts up, my very first thought was -- what a perfect tune for Jerry Garcia to have played on!!! Mannnn... what a shame that never happened. To have Jerry solo on this one would have been so fantastic, elevating at least this one 11-minute track to pure gold. Oh well. But as far as Miles in the 80's goes, with this album being the only 1980's work of his I've heard, I'd still be willing to bet that this might be one of the best tracks of the decade. It's low on the synthesizer (compared to the rest of the songs) and just nice with Miles and Branford.

After the very nice That's Right, the last track, That's What Happened, just seems out of place to finish it up.

I guess it's worth a listen but I don't know how likely it is that I ever Press Play on this again. Maybe. Ya never know.

192 kbps dload @ Música y Programas

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