Saturday, April 21, 2007

Running in the Presence of the Lord

Only plus six seconds this time running but six welcome seconds, six seconds closer to being able to run a marathon. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA... yeah, like that'll ever happen!!! (Maybe... just seems like I'm a hundred years away from being able to do that.)

Trail time: about 72 minutes...

Running Time
16 minutes & 33 seconds

2 tracks from...

benefit album for the

Rosie Perez
-- Josie's First Allowance Day
Uncle Kracker & Marlo Thomas -- I Want It!

their one & only album from 1969...

Had To Cry Today
Can't Find My Way Home
Well All Right
Sea Of Joy
Presence Of The Lord
Do What You Like
Eric Clapton -- Can't Find My Way Home
(from 461 Ocean Blvd, Deluxe Edition)
Jerry Garcia & Davis Grisman -- Louis Collins, Fair Ellender

Nice. And that's an understatement! Blind Faith's album is mucho classico! A few songs there made for a very good run. The epic Do What You Like + Jerry & David helped hike me home. I'd say that I'd love to check out Blind Faith's other albums but all I can do is pick up the Deluxe Remastered Reissue from a few years ago. Like 75 minutes of music on that that ain't on the original LP. Lookin' forward to it.

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