Monday, June 22, 2009

Texas Country Straight Outta Jersey

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Killin' Time (CD cover)

Killin' Time CD
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Killin' Time @ 320 kbps
Straight From The Factory
A Better Man
Nobody's Home
Walkin' Away
You're Gonna Leave Me Again
I'll Be Gone
Nothing's News
Winding Down
Killin' Time
Live and Learn
If the beautiful state of New Jersey claims Clint Black as their own, that would be a little silly... but he was born there, in Long Branch down by (on?) the Jersey Shore. (Wasn't there always a killer Haunted House in Long Branch every Halloween-time?) Someone born in Jersey can still become a Texan and that happened to Clint Black. His family (or at least his dad) was from Texas and soon enough young Clint was back in the Lone Star State leaving Jersey far behind. (But I wonder if bein' born in NJ is something he's proud of. That'd be cool.)

Anyway, apparently this debut album of his made quite an impression and had quite an impact on the country music scene at the time. He went on to become one of the most successful country artists in the 1990's. A pretty darn fine career launched right here with the record.

The music on this album is really well done with well-written lyrics throughout. There's a beautiful country sound on every song. So much country music from this new millennium can't hold a candle to the sound here. How and why some artists strayed so far I have no idea. What a shame but thankfully artists like Clint Black kept it pure.

Back Cover/Tray
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Clint's first single which went to Number 1...

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sean said...

The Haunted Mansion was on the boardwalk in Long Branch. It featured live actors playing zombies, ghosts, vampires etc. It lasted all summer and then was shutdown just after Halloween. One winter, the boardwalk "mysteriously" burnt to the ground, and that was the end of the Haunted Mansion. I think there was a Haunted Castle in Keansburg as well.

In the fall, Great Adventure in Jackson NJ does "Fright Fest" which also involves actors wandering around the park and scaring people. It is good fun.

As always, thanks for the music

one says one number and the other another
but they were set at the same time. Hmmm...

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