Friday, June 5, 2009

Classic Cars

*******SPEAKER-AND-NOTES*******An Album I'm Listening To Now,
a.k.a. Music I Ran To This Friday Morning...
The Cars - 1978 self-titled debut

The Cars

self titled debut


Good Times Roll
My Best Friend's Girl
Just What I Needed
I'm In Touch With Your World
Don't Cha Stop
You're All I've Got Tonight
Bye Bye Love
Moving In Stereo
All Mixed Up
I've loved listening to this album a whole bunch of times over the past couple days. A long time ago, not too many years removed from now, a few lifetimes past perhaps, I used to hear several of these tunes on 102.7 WNEW and quite possibly WPLJ before that (99.5 was PLJ if I recall correctly.) Before CDs were common in Sam Goody and other stores in every mall across the land, and way way before mp3, I vaguely remember taking home the cassette of this from the local public library and making my own copy on my duel-deck boombox. Had to have it! This is super chock full of classic American tunes from a classic Boston band. Okay, it's not classic rock 'n' roll, more like new wave/alternative but it kinda has the ability to crossover and can easily be played on some "classic rock" radio stations. WNEW, at some point, went to playing plenty of stuff that falls into this grey area but when it comes to The Cars, they loved playing these guys. No where else in the world I'd rather've grown up (Bergen County, northern New Jersey) and a huge part of why is all the great music on WNEW.

Anyway, five of nine songs here were common on the radio. That's so unheard of. Not totally but mostly. Another song, which might be my favorite, was featured on the classic 80's flick Fast Times At Ridgemont High -- Moving In Stereo. All around a great album and I'm not sure why I waited like two dozen years between listens.

not one that Ric Ocasek sings on...

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