Monday, June 22, 2009

Dawg Music Straight Outta Jersey

By total coincidence, my other musical selection for the day kinda sorta also comes from the great mafia and corruption state of New Jersey... Hackensack this time. I didn't know that Jerry's good friend and Grateful Dead disliker was from Jersey, but low and behold, me and Mr. Grisman are fellow New Jerseyans. I wasn't actually born in NJ but I did grow up there. I'm more Jersey than I am a New Englander. I'm happy to claim both...

and happy to be listening to some DGQ from a little more than a week ago, from some little music festival in Tennessee, Jed, a festival a few people may have hoid of....

David Grisman Quintet
June 13, 2009

The Other Tent
Bonnaroo Music & Arts Festival
Manchester, Tennessee
David Grisman - 6/13/09 Bonnaroo Music Festival, Manchester, Tennessee

James Kerwin - bass
Matt Eakle - flute and bass flute
George Marsh - drums, percussion
Grant Gordy - guitar
* with Eric Robertson on mandolin

Eat My Dust
Bluegrass at the Beach
Tracy's Tune
Svingin' with Sven
Pigeon Roost
Grateful Dawg
Dawg's Waltz
Newly Wedding
Dawg's Rag
Shady Grove

I really need to be shot or something for not listening to a David Grisman show more often. What a great bunch of tunes this is! The crowd really digs when David mentions that they're going to play something that he did with Jerry. There was a similar crowd reaction when James Kerwin (who played with Garcia-Grisman) was introduced.

Fun stuff throughout. Grisman, at age 64, is still kickin'... maybe just as strong as ever?!

Download The Show Here

(320 kbps)

DGQ - Part 1: Bonnaroo '09Part II: Grisman - 6/13/09

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free mp3 download with setlist 6-13-09 a.k.a. 06-13-09 a.k.a. 6/13/09 a.k.a. 06/13/09 a.k.a. 09-06-13

David Grisman Quintet - 6/13/09 Bonnaroo Music Festival, Manchester, Tennessee

Some more great pics Here.

Bonnaroo Music & Arts Festival 2009 logo dealie

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Timmy said...

I have had the priv to see Gris a couple or 3 times, & one time with Jer at The Warfield. He is extremely talented & a consumate performer. A Spirit fling by...

one says one number and the other another
but they were set at the same time. Hmmm...

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