Thursday, June 11, 2009

Rock n Roll to Wake Your Ass Up!

So this Deadhead listens to a lot of freakin' music. Quite simply, if I did not run then I wouldn't listen to albums like the one I ran to this morning. See, I HATE running but my health is too important not to and when I run I need a steady beat, sometimes I need beat progression, sometimes beat regression. Dead and Jerry studio stuff could do it but not a lot of it has a fast enough beat which is also an important factor. Man, if I limited myself to what I ran to, I'd get bored real fast. So I stay open-minded (better than being close-minded, right?) and listen to whatever. Sometimes whatever is just perfect. Sometimes it kicks bloody ass all over the place and is the most outstanding bunch of loudness to wake your ass up and really get your blood flowing. I'm sorry but as much as I love listening to Jerry, Sugaree or A Simple Twist Of Fate ain't gonna do that at 6 in the morning.

Van Hagar will!

*******SPEAKER-AND-NOTES*******An Album I've Been Listening To. . .
(and the Music I Ran To This Thursday Morning)
Chickenfoot - self titled debut (2009)


self-titled debut


Avenida Revolution
Soap On A Rope
Sexy Little Thing
Oh Yeah
Runnin' Out
Get It Up
Down The Drain
My Kinda Girl
Learning To Fall
Turnin' Left
Future In The Past
Bitten By The Wolf
Sammy Hagar - vocals
Joe Satriani - guitar
Michael Anthony - bass
Chad Smith - drums
Holy bunch of rockin' out aging rockers, Ghost of Jimi Hendrix. Holy crap, I can't get sick of this, at least not after about five listens to far. What a great album from a great band. It would be a rock and roll travesty if these guys don't sell out everywhere they go this summer. Recently they wrapped up a short like 9-show club tour, a warm-up for lots of shows this summer in Europe and then back in North America. What a frickin' whiz on guitar Joe Satriani is. Long, long time ago I had one of his CD's -- Surfing With The Alien, I think? I haven't heard Satriani since then (circa 1992-ish.) Hagar's Hagar and I just listened to him the other day. Sammy's great. Former Van Halen bassist Michael Anthony and Red Hot Chili Peppers drummer Chad Smith really help drive this album. They're fuckin' animals, man. Holy crap! And then when Satriani dives in... holy crap!!! (That about sums it up -- Holy Crap!) Soap On a Rope, for instance, while oddly named, it goes along la di da di da and then at the end it completely blows out the windows and blows the roof off the house. FUUUUUCK!!!!!!!!!! This just screams at you -- "PLAY IT LOUD. LOUDER, DUMBASS!!!!!!!!!!!!" I might worship just about every note of Grateful Dead and Jerry Garcia music but sometimes this is exactly what I want! A great Shakedown Street is a fun way to wake up but when they move into Althea or later on play Looks Like Rain, the life out of being LOUDLY woken up can just be sucked away. Something like this -- oh holy crap hell yeah, THIS is the (musical) way to wake up!!!!

And I just read the following which is blowin' me away -- Sammy's 61 years old?!?!?! Get the FUCK out of here!!!!! Noooo wayyyyy. Holy crap, I don't believe it. At times Satriani sounds as good as and no better than Eddie Van Halen and perhaps at times this is a continuation of Van Hagar... but maaaaaan, it simply fucking rocks. There's just one ballad here -- Learning To Fall -- which is the slow spot on the whole album, and one song -- Future In The Past -- that slows things down somewhat, at least until it picks up a ton of steam as it goes along, and the last song -- Bitten By The Wolf -- is the only to feature acoustic guitar (and harmonica.) Even though it's a total anticlimactic finish to the album, since it's about New Orleans I'll give it a pass. So there are some places where the music isn't completely balls to the wall and alright, not every song is perfection, a few have moments of lame harmonies or lame lyrics, or a spot where Satriani is this totally solo dude not fitting perfectly into a band... but every bad instance is made up for fifty times over. In just a few months, in October, the Red Rocker's gonna be 62?! Jayy-zuzz, you've GOT to be kidding me!

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Sammy on the late night show Red Eye talkin' to Greg Gutfeld
about sex, rock and roll, and driving 55.

"Oh Yeah" - June 6, 2009
The Tonight Show with Johnny Carson Jay Leno Conan O'Brien

(Quality is MUCH better on the (stoopidly) unembeddable YouTube version)

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