Tuesday, June 16, 2009

I am (not really) a good ol' country boy

I am a good ol' country boy... at heart... sometimes. Who'm I kidding, I'm from Jersey... north Jersey, practically NYC... I was born in New Hampshire, I'm a New Englander! So how'd I ever get into liking music like this?! There are a few factors such as moving to Utah after high school and meeting and becoming friends with some country music-loving people who lived quite different lives from those of me and my friends back in Bergen County, NJ. And my willingness to be open-minded helps. Well, that's what allows me to listen without a biased mind, without thinking it'll suck and I'll hate it. Since I don't have that obstacle it's then up to me to decide whether I really like it or not. And when it comes to music I'm easy, definitely not picky, there's no reason to be. So something like this, while it ain't by any means my favorite music in the world (not even close,) it's really not bad. I'd most likely never ever press play on something like this if I didn't run... but that's why I listen to a fairly significant amount of stuff like this, because I run and because I've become accustomed to using music like this to help me along. And often I'm surprised at something I pick 'cause it sometimes is something I'd never've listened to... like this.

the Music I Ran To This Tuesday Morning...
Jason Aldean (2005) self titled debut

Jason Aldean

self-titled debut


Amarillo Sky
Why Even If I Wanted To
Lonesome USA
Asphalt Cowboy
I'm Just A Man
You're The Love I Wanna Be In
Good To Go
I Believe In Ghosts
She Loved Me
Good ol' boy from Macon makes it big in Nashville. Yeah, this is Nashville made-for-radio country but it's not bad. You've gotta give credit to someone when they go out and chase their dreams, right? So many try, so few make it. Here's a guy who did. One of the tunes from this debut album of his made it to #1 on the country music charts and another one or two cracked the Top 10. Hey, that ain't bad. When it comes down to it, I'd probably rather listen to an independent country music artist, one who's not in the corporate radio machine... although I'm not sure this guy's record label is exactly fitting the corporate mold of so many. It's kinda small but his music screams that it wants to be #1 on the charts... and while that's fine for him and others, I'd rather listen to someone who just plays music for the sake of playing music. Then again, maybe that's what Jason Aldean does... just that he's controlled by suits who want to make as much money off him as possible. Eh, whatever, it's still good music even if it was made with the prospect of winning a country music award... which he did win one of, for Top New Male Vocalist in 2005 for this album.

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"Hicktown" - music video
Girls in denim skirts, big trucks, gotta love it!

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