Monday, June 8, 2009

Red Rocker

*******SPEAKER-AND-NOTES*******An Album I've Been Listening To. . .
(and the Music I Ran To This Monday Afternoon)
Sammy Hagar - I Never Said Goodbye (1987)

Sammy Hagar

I Never Said Goodbye


When The Hammer Falls
Hands And Knees
Give To Live
Boys' Night Out
Returning Home
Standin' At The Same Old Crossroads
Back Into You
Eagles Fly
What They Gonna Say Now
Sammy Hagar's only solo album from during the time when he was in Van Halen. Reportedly, he's on guitar while Eddie Van Halen is on bass but I don't believe for a second EVH didn't play any lead guitar. Tis album was also reportedly made in 10 days, start to finish. Well, maybe songs were written or mostly written and ready to record but apparently when Sammy joined VH, his record company demanded him to fulfill his recording contract and so he whipped this together.

This isn't bad. A couple of these songs even made it into VH concerts. The more I listen to this, the more I like it... not love it, but it's pretty cool. I need something exactly like this from time to time. I didn't help me in my running today but this is perfect early early early a.m. music to wake yer ass up and get yer ass moving! I've always thought that of 5150 and OU812 and this being from the same period of time as 5150 is kinda sorta very similar. Fun stuff...

and there's a Grateful Dead connection here: I'm not sure when the friendship started but Bay Area rocker Sammy is a friend of and has played with Bob & Phil and Mickey (on several occasions) so Sammy's always cool in my book!

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Not my favorite but maybe one of only two songs from this album
that he made a music video for... but this one kind of costars
his VH bandmates, Eddie & Alex Van Halen and Michael Anthony

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