Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Ancient Dead at Its Finest

Chronological History of the Grateful Dead - Volume 10

Grateful Dead Skull & Roses
July 16, 1966
Fillmore Auditorium

San Francisco, California
Grateful Dead Skull & Roses

set one-
I Know You Rider
Big Boss Man
Standing On The Corner
Beat It On Down The Line
In The Pines
Cardboard Cowboy
Nobody's Fault But Mine
Next Time You See Me
He Was A Friend Of Mine
Cream Puff War

-set two-
Viola Lee Blues
Don't Ease Me In
Pain In My Heart
Minglewood Blues
Sittin' On Top Of The World
You Don't Have To Ask
Cold Rain And Snow
Good Morning Little Schoolgirl
It's All Over Now, Baby Blue
Dancin' In The Streets

A return to the primitive, a return to 1966. Here we have the definitive source for this show which Charlie Miller tweaked and mastered to its finest form about a year and a half ago.

In the post-analog age, a bunch of Heads wanted to try to know as best as possible what's what when it came to uncertainties in old-dated tapes and various recordings. Much research was done by a lot of Deadicated Heads to get us to the point where we are today -- we have a much better idea of what's what than we did a decade ago.

For this show, and the one from the day after, for a long time it was thought to be a certain bunch of songs were legitimately 7/16 while other tunes may have been from one show or from the other... or from neither show. It was sometimes a fuzzy thing and you just had to believe was was commonly thought to be known. Then the age of discovery set in and eventually it was determined that this is the first show. And if you were to listen to Grateful Dead chronologically, there are a few first recordings here including In The Pines, Nobody's Fault But Mine and Pain In My Heart. Those may've been played previously in 1966 but none of those recordings exist.

The sound here is out-freakin'-standing for 1966. It's outstanding for any year!

Rather than try to write about this amazing material, I implore you to go and read the FANTASTIC write-up at Grateful Dead Listening Guide. That guy can sure write the hell out of a show. Me? I'm no professional show-reviewer, nor do I wanna be... I just write what I like. Conversely, the linked review for this show isn't just a show review, it's a commentary of not only this show, but of the Dead in 1966. A must-read. And the show -- a Must Have!

ARCHIVE HEADPHONES7/16/66 @ the Internet Archive:
The Soundboard for Listening Only

Source: shnid=89555 Audio Quality:
Lineage: Soundboard Master Reel DAT Sonic Solutions

mp3 320 kbps SBD + setlist (no lossless FLAC) 7-16-66 aka 07-16-66 aka 7/16/66 aka 07/16/66 aka 66-07-16 Fillmore West


Adam said...

Heya Zoooma!

Sorry for my lack of comments lately, but my wife and I are moving across the Grate state of North Dakota and, as you know, move is a 4-letter word.

As for this show.....this is it my friends! This is Primal Dead and then some. This was the first version of Viola Lee Blues I ever heard (and then had on tape), and it is THE one I compare all others to. It may not be the most blazing or fastest or jammiest version ever played, but it absolutely sets the table for the rest of the song's GD history. "The oldest juveniles in the state of California..." indeed Mr. Graham!

I'll get back on the posting thing once we get moved this weekend. As always, I love the music and appreciate all your fantastic posts (that includes you too Sugar Mag!).


Timmy said...

What can I say... EXCELLENT! Not only the primo show, but the review is a must read. Many thanx again, you have raised your bar of standards.

Hans-Joachim said...

I just listened to this show in my car and it nearly blew me away. What a sound (remember, the show was in ancient times), what a `He Was A Friend Of Mine´ and what a Pigpen. Thank you, thank you thank you!!!

Zoooma!! said...

Timmy & Hans-Joachim -- Good to hear from you guys! Thanks for takin' the time to leave a few words. Always appreciated!

and hey Adam! Sugarmag and I've been wonderin' about you. It's Grate to hear from ya! I hope your move goes well :) Thanks for your comment... for all of them, always!

Catch y'all later on!

Anonymous said...

A classic show, thanks Zoooma.

Anonymous said...

Hey Zooma, thanks for posting this one. Can't wait to hear that first set. Just so you know, all you do here is appreciated heartily. Keep up the good work. Share The Groove!

"anonymous Deadhooker"

sean said...

This is the Dead that I love

Anonymous said...

Early Dead! Always welcome! Thanks,


RDOwens said...

Thank you for posting this. I finally had a chance to listen to this today. Good stuff. It is always nice to hear early Dead. The quality of this recording is excellent.

Anonymous said...

Thanks Zoooma. Hope you (and Suagarmag) are well. I'll take a moment to download this and listen. Back when I started getting into the dead (1983)I adopted some bootleg album from my older sister that was on the sunshine label. It was live 1966 material with midnight hour, baby blue, a blazing fast rider, etc. It ate my alive and as a result I have always had a fondness for the very early dead from that era. Seeing how my dead experience was from 1983 on, I am most drawn to what I experienced first hand. I like it all no doubt, but this early, almost vestigial dead (along with 70 and 73)rises to the top for the eras before my active participation. Peace out. Torc

Zoooma!! said...

Torc! (In Utah, right?) Good to hear from ya... and RDOwens, good to hear from you, too (even though you're a Phillies fan.)

It's good to hear from all commenters!

I'm really glad people are diggin' these tunes. Sometimes a dose of '66 is exactly what the doctor ordered! I'm kinda sad that I'm halfway through the year... just not a whole lot of these gems to post... and then 1967 has even less (I think) than '66.

Ah well, in any case, I'll have to make a better effort to get this older stuff up more often.

See ya's all later!

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