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On the World stage... literally

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Grateful Dead -- July 21, 1990
World Music Theatre, Tinley Park, Illinois

1st Set: Touch Of Grey, Greatest Story Ever Told, Jack-A-Roe,
Walkin' Blues, Friend Of The Devil, Just A Little Light,
Queen Jane Approximately, Bird Song

Set 2: Scarlet Begonias Fire On The Mountain,
Playing In The Band
He's Gone Drums Space
I Need A Miracle
Crazy Fingers Playin' JamDear Mr. Fantasy
Playin' Reprise
One More Saturday Night

Encore: The Mighty Quinn (Quinn The Eskimo)

Farewell, Apple Valley. Tis time, our old friend, to move back to Chicagoland proper. Located in the south side suburbs of Chicago this is the Dead's only appearance at this shed known as the World Music Theatre. Being here on the 1990 Summer Tour marks the Summertime return to the Chicago metro area. The last time they were so close to the Windy City in summer: 1983 Poplar Creek, out in the suburb of Hoffman Estates. After that, for a bunch of years, the Chicago "area" summer shows took place in southern Wisconsin, at Apple Valley.

It's not so great to start the festivities with some sloppiness like there is in Touch but things smooth out. That and Just A Little Light would be the lowlights in the set if I was gonna rank it all, the latter feeling too measured, too staid in its presentation. I really love Friend Of The Devil, specifically the Brent solo with Jerry accompaniment and as that gets through, Bob takes control and has a small solo of his own before Jerry finishes off with one of his own. Soooo nice that I had to listen to that passage of music about three times before I could move on. Bird Song to close out the set is so wonderfully played. All the band members are seemingly encouraging each other to be nothing less than beautifully into what they're doing. A pretty good first set to get this 3-night stand at The World underway.

Opening the second set Scarlet-> Fire moves along just fine until it hits a very brief tiny moment that makes the Fire in particular just priceless. Between about 10:45 and 10:55, when everybody is steaming through the song, so into it and in that zone, Bobby let's out an almost mouse-like squeak-ish squeal-ish scream that just a couple seconds later has Jer giving a little laugh at his little buddy. On this next to pristine, A+ soundboard the crowd is rarely heard but they're clearly heard reacting to that little episode of lightness. Another moment that I had to replay like four times before I could move on.

Speaking of the greatness of the soundboard, I love the way every single instrument is absolutely perfect in the mix, each heard so distinctly. Bob's rhythm guitar is everyweir to be found and Phil's exceptional playing comes alive brilliantly. A very cool albeit brief Bass Grate, Lesh Philing moment occurs just as Drums starts -- Phil wails his way off stage as Mickey and Billy assume command. I found Drums->Space to be somewhat run-of-the-mill here but soon enough Jer, with a ton of authority, is announcing Miracle. Plenty more Phil there, too. I'm not sure why some people don't especially care for this tune 'cause wow, what a burst of energy it is! As they wind it down, Phil announces Crazy Fingers but Jer wants to finish working on Miracle for a moment before he joins in. A pretty sweet end of the show from that point on. On this third-to-last night of the tour, Jerry's guitar comes most alive on this third-to-last night during Dear Mr. Fantasy. Very nice!

For the encore, The Mighty Quinn has a fairly rare appearance here. It was played only three times in 1990: once on Spring Tour, once here in July, and only once in the Fall. Definitely a treat and pretty groovy end to this final stop on the 1990 Summer Tour.

transcribed from:

The Deadhead's Taping Compendium, Volume III:
An In-Depth Guide To The Music

of the Grateful Dead on Tape, 1986-1995
[out of print]

The first set in the suburbs of Chicago features a hot "Greatest Story Ever Told" and a pretty "Queen Jane." The "Bird Song" jam is free jazz, with beautiful open interplay between all the band members. Phil lays the foundation for Jer's curiosity. Brent is very on, providing great color. The summery, breezy jam turns spacey for a moment, and then back to a confident stomp toward the coda: "Don't cry now . . ." An upbeat "Scarlet" kicks off the second set. Jerry cruises through the "Scarlet" jam on high-octane rhythm provided by Phil and the drummers. The transition into "Fire" is OK, and "Fire" itself is not all that exciting. Jer plugs away looking for a groove, but the magic does not fully show itself. "Playing" is a surprise after the one played just two nights before at Deer Creek. This is an eclectic "Playing" without a main idea driving it, a group exploration highlighted by lightning runs from Jer and bizarre counterpoint from Bob, Brent, and Bill follow Jer further out, only to be reeled back into reality by "He's Gone." Phil is all over the raucous, rock 'n' roll "Miracle" that stomps out of "Space." "Crazy Fingers" mixes up the usual routine, and the Spanish theme that follows is very nice with nimble crazy fingering from Phil. "Playing" is briefly touched upon before diving into a methodical "Mr. Fantasy." Jerry gives this tune a great bluesy jam, and the drummers and Brent weigh in with some very strong playing. "Playing reprise" > "Saturday Night," then the "Quinn" encore brings it all back home. This was probably a better live show than it seems on tape. The interweaving of "Playing" throughout the set and the post-"Space" "Crazy Fingers" are nice, unusual touches. Knowing the setlist in advance probably spoils the surprise and immediacy of how the set came off live.


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henryband said...

I was there! It was the first of a three night run, a Saturday night, and crowded as hell. A lot of gate jumpers and scammers and the security force was a little overwhelmed by it all, which explains why the band never played there again as The Grateful Dead-the town of Tinley Park was more than a little freaked by the size of the crowds as well. The next night there was much more security and things were a little more controlled. The best night of the run was the third. It was a Monday, and the crowds had thinned out considerably to the point where it was more of the Dead faithful (like the good old days, not like the Saturday night crowd of those just there for the party, and not really for the music-the set list reflected this as well). But sadly, it was Brent's final show. I remember being in shock after I got back home a few days later and heard the news. Thanks for this post-it brings back some fine memories.

Adam said...

Hi Zoooma!
Thanks for another great post. I have had a copy of the 23rd for a long time and I really have a hard time listening to it knowing it's Brent's final show. It is kind of anti-climactic when compared with the Deer Creek and Rich Stadium shows in the preceding weeks. I certainly will be checking this one out though. It's hard to go wrong with Brent in 89-90, and I'm sure this show is no exception.

voodoo-chile said...

Hi, this is really not the best Dead concert I`ve listened to. This remembers me of a 1994 or 1995
concert. Jerry sounds bad and sick.The f..k 90s.It seemed nobody would need the Grateful Dead anymore.And so this gig sounds like.The Grateful Dead should have stopped that train at that point!Make your own opinion!

Zoooma!! said...

Hey, thanks to all three of youse guys for leavin' a comment on this show!

Summer of '90 was light for me: I was at D.C., Foxboro and Rich Stadium. That was a good time for the band, music-wise. Fortunately it wasn't Garcia solo otherwise it mighta not been so hot. But the Dead are (and always have been) a band (beyond description) and together, even when Jerry isn't having a hot night, they can make magic. For the time, this was a decent show. Jerry only lights it up once, I think, but blown lyrics are at a minimum and his playing is gorgeous throughout. Losing Brent shortly after the tour's end was horrible but when listening to this show, I didn't even think about that fact. I just dug it!

It's interesting about crowds thinning out after the first night. I didn't notice that in the summertime but maybe only 'cause I wasn't really looking. That sure was the case for nights when people had to work the next day in the Spring and Fall and on other stands during the year (Oakland, Vegas, etc) but perhaps not as noticeable in the summer because A) it's summer! and B) later on they didn't often play more than 1 or 2 nights somewhere on Summer Tour to really be able to notice a thinning out.

The heavy partying crowd going to shows because that's where the drugs are easily found, that wasn't good... but it was a sign of the times and I found that, while you couldn't close your eyes to it, you didn't have to necessarily be a part of it.

Even though it was Tinley, and I'm not thinking because it was Brent's last show, I would've liked to've been there on that last night for the mellower feel.

Anonymous said...

an and of an ERA,the 3rd night was the best of these shows,what i remember ?
but this is worth the download.
R.I.P. Brent, the guy from INDY,IN

p.s. they should have called it a quite's after Brents passing.

one says one number and the other another
but they were set at the same time. Hmmm...

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