Monday, February 9, 2009

No More Public Downloads

Due to lack of comments from most people who constantly Download shows here --

there've been 60 downloads of Garcia-Saunders 2/6/72... go see how many comments --

a plan is being devised to REMOVE all files from the public and put them on a private blog. You'll need to personally contact me via email and explain why you wish to be included in having those files accessible to you.

Only people who give a shit about commenting on some of what you download need apply.

When "Deadheads" download (nearly) constantly but can't even say 1 fucking word of "Thanks" -- that's pathetic.

Some of you are GREAT, wonderful people. Others are just....

I'm sick of it.


Adam said...

Hi Zoooma,
I completely agree with you stance on the lack of comments from the unGrateful. It's kind of sad, but it takes longer to download than it does to leave a comment. I'll just change my mentality and consider your blog more of a "trade" than "oh my God, it's another great freebie." Keep me in the loop and let me know how to stay involved. Adam

Anonymous said...

That's too bad. I loved your site, too. And sometimes left comments. But I can't feed your insatiable appetite for adoration in the form of comments. I'm moving on to other blogs. Good luck, peace.

Zoooma!! said...

It's only too bad for the people who wish to download but forever remain silent.

I don't have a need to be showered with adoration. It's just that it really kinda sucks when people keep comin', comin', comin' around and all they do is treat me like a depot.

You have absolutely no idea how many people download on a weekly (sometimes daily) basis and never utter a single word of "Thanks." They come around every day looking for something newly posted. They download a show or two or three... or four or five dozen! And never a single word of "Thanks." They come, grab, leave -- nothing but silence.

I don't want everyone to comment every time. Not at all. And if I truly had an insatiable appetite for adoration, I would have quit doing this a long time ago. I love spreading the tunes around and most of the time, all the silent people don't even bother me.

But ya know what? A little bit of expressed appreciation would be nice... a little more than 10 or 12 comments for every 2 or 3 hundred downloads.

Adam -- you're in the loop!!! (As are others and you know who you all are!) I don't want to punish all the cool, friendly people who from time to time take a moment to comment.

What I might do is let the Grateful and ungrateful alike freely grab new downloads... but within a few days the links might get moved to a private blog. Anyone wanting to download something from awhile back will have to email me.

I don't know yet. We'll see.

Anonymous said...

I'm new to comment here...I have downloaded from your wonderful blog, and wanted to voice my appreciation.

Anonymous said...

Hey now Zoooma,

I totally understand the frustration. It just doesn't take that long to say thanks. I post on forums and some have a built in feature that only shows the download link to visitors if they post a comment (thank you) first. Perhaps in the blogger world, there is some code that would provide the same functionalty. In any event, please keep me informed as well as I look forward to visiting the blog almost daily.


Ron H. said...

You are right Zooma, I definitely don't show thanks as often as i should. (I've probably made more comments on the political posts than the music). The love and effort that goes into a blog such as this deserves nothing but thanks from those of us who have shared what you take the time to offer .
Thanks for a great blog, great insight and great links!

the joker said...

alecriddle said...

I understand. I'm one of those who didn't comment for a long time, mainly because I didn't have a google account. I appreciate all you've done. I hope you'll include me in if you go private.

Keith H said...

I also agree with your stance in cutting off the people who won't even give you a thank you. I faithfully listened to the dead since the early 80's and over the past few years my interest dwindled off and went in other directions. Recently while searching for something "new", I found your blog. It re-sparked my interest in the Grateful Dead and jerry Garcia. I've downloaded about a dozen shows from you, and almost always leave a comment. I appreciate your hard work getting these quality shows out there and hope you will continue. I just wantto say Thanks!! Again for the great tunes!

Anonymous said...

the joker said...

Deadman said...

Yeah, those Obama-loving Deadheads are really up on the social graces, aren't they? Just like the useless that feed at the public trough like the rest of us who bust our asses owe it to them because they're minorities.

As a hard-working taxpayer I'd like some thanks for that and I don't think THAT constitutes an insatiable need for adoration. It's called MANNERS, for fuck's sake.

Anonymous said...

Deadman - What do Obama supporters have anything to do with having social graces on this site? You must not be very bright.

btsacto said...

Yeah, those Obama-loving Deadheads are really up on the social graces, aren't they? Just like the useless that feed at the public trough like the rest of us who bust our asses owe it to them because they're minorities.

Dude- WTF?

Zooma - I've d/l a few things here and there, and show appreciation most always. The internet is full of leaches, unfortunately. Keep on keeping on - hope you'll continue to include me, even though we strongly disagree, politically.

PS: I work my fucking ass off to make the planet a better place AND pay taxes.

Street Pig said...

Hi Zooma, I am an ole Archive/Speeding arrow Dl, I left both scenes due to the sensless crap with comments, I do apreciate your thoughfullnrss with sharing the vibes and unfortunatley not everyone is as verbal as others, If you go private I want to still part of the scene, thnaks for your energy and efforts, can't wait till the 87 show!

Drabromeo said...

Hey Zoooma-- well, I'm one who downloaded in the past without leaving a thanks, but I've learned the error of my ways! In fact, since the last time you got upset over this I've been completely scrupulous about leaving thanks on every site I download from!

Sorry you're upset again, but there are folks out here who get it and are grateful for all the hard work you do in maintaining this site. If you go private, I'd love to be included.

You know, I have to say, I find your politics to be completely baffling, but that's something that makes your blog more interesting-- and I'd go to the mattresses to support your right to believe what you want whether I share it or not! And that's what the whole Dead experience meant to me-- that people can get beyond their differences in a shared love of music.

Yikes! That last sentence was really schmaltzy! I'll just close by saying thanks for everything, and I hope you keep it up!

dreadbagel said...


I guess I'm as guilty as anybody of not posting enough comments, so ley me give a great big thanks for all the great stuff I've gotten here!

I DID email you awhile back re: if you knew an old Deadhead bud from NYC who now lives around Fairbanks but I guess you didn't!

I WOULD post comments more often on this and other blogs but my 7 yr. old DELL is the slowest thing ever and I can't wait to get the new iMac I've been denying myself for a long time!

My PC gives a whole new meaning to the term "Window-PAIN!"

Thanks again for a great site, even though I probably disagree on most of your politics, now & here isn't the place to dispute it... if I wanted to put my views across, I'd have my own blog by now!! ;)

More power to you, that is what democracy is all about!

If you decide to take it private, please keep me in the loop and I will try to comment on all future downloads, I PROMISE!!

dreadbagel said...

excuse me, that should read LET me, not ley me (keyboard proximity)

vw bug said...

Don't download, don't comment much but do enjoy your blog... hope you don't shut it down totally. I'd miss it! I just don't comment because I really don't have much to add to your posts!

Anonymous said...

I am among the most guilty - have built a stellar Dead collection from this site and have left little in the way of comments. As much as I come to the site for the music, I come for the commentary on the shows and other random bits. Anyway, great site. Thank you for the work and being som generous with your time and music

Anonymous said...

zoom, that place is going to an IP verification system for the dls..sorry even if I supplied links it would do no good.. but I can help if you want/ need shows..will figure out how..if you want

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