Monday, February 9, 2009

Carlos & Company for a Monday Afternoon

Life is definitely too short for all the great music there is to listen to. OldRockr1's blog is a great one to check out if you're interested in downloading live music...

In looking at what he's put up since October, I have barely scratched the surface. He's going strong, posting up all sorts of bands and artists, too many to name so you'll just have to go and see what he's got for ya.

The next GD show here, I hope, will be one from '87, a request received, a request soon-to-be fulfilled. Santana opened for the Dead that day and I looked high and low for a copy of that to include in the post... but no luck. I found one person with a copy, someone who hasn't been an active trader in many years so blahhhhhh, oh well.

But I still wanted to hear some Santana and the following show I saw over at Too Old To Rock & Roll and it just sounded too good to pass up.


April 19, 1988

Musical Theatre

Sunrise, Florida

Santana Live at Sunrise Musical Theatre - 4/19/88
Everybody's Everything, Black Magic Woman-> Gypsy Queen->
Oye Como Va, Samba Pa Ti, Batuka-> No One To Depend On,
Spirits Dancing In The Flesh, Healer, Smooth Criminal, Europa,
Cloud Nine, Soul Sacrifice, Once It's Gotcha

Wow. What a sweeeeeeeeeeet soundboard recording.
5 Stars out of 5 -- All The Way!

A great and fun show this is, without a doubt. I dig this music so much but since I'm not an aficionado, I'll leave the critiquing to those in the know. What I do know is if you don't play this LOUD, you're a fool! No offense or nothin' but this has just GOT to be played LOUD, man. LOUD!!!! Get up from your chair. Loosen up. Let the music envelope you, enter you, take you over, and ultimately move you. Dance around the house to this for an hour and who needs to go running or to a gym to work out?!

One of the oddest tunes here (perhaps the only odd one) has got to be Smooth Criminal by the one and only Michael Jackson. No, seriously. I had no clue that Santana performed this song. A few years ago I heard, and wouldn't mind getting into my ears, the version by Alien Ant Farm. But Santana? One of the things that makes this peculiar is the fact that this was a hugely popular single for The Gloved One at the time of this show. It had to've been released by Michael Jackson within a month or two before this... and here so soon is Santana using it live. I'm just scratching my head over this. It's interesting.

Overall, this is such a cool show and the sound is impeccable. I am gonna love listening to this many times!

Grab a download at:



Keith H said...

Thanks for the link to the Santana. I first found your blog from a link on Too Old to Rock and Roll...Too Young To die. I first saw Santana at Mountainaire Festival 1987. He opened for the Grateful Dead (which was my first Dead Show) and just kicked ass!!As great as the Dead were, Carlos just blew me away!! I'm glad he came out and played a few songs in the first set. It made me want to go to more Grateful Dead shows, because you never knew what you were going to get each time. I think I'm the one you're looking for that show for, 8-22-87, and I really appreciate you looking for it. Keep up the Great Work!!

Anonymous said...

This recording sounds great...Thank you!

GangiPLG said...

Thanks for all the great music. I only got hi-speed internet a few months ago. Your blog is fantastic. I saw my first Dead show back in 1973 at the Nassau Coliseum - I can't believe I found shows that I have been to on your site...........take care, peace, Philflash

Street Pig said...

Sanatana never lets me down, a great SBD and I did take a glimpse at the other Blog, cool, thnx

Street Pig said...

I wore my XLII's out and never got the chance to grab it off the archive or arrow, thnx again for your sharing.

RightRunner said...

Carlos Santana- That's the ticket!

Anonymous said...

This could be Kirk Hammett in a few years. They look a lot alike, at least in this photo.

one says one number and the other another
but they were set at the same time. Hmmm...

Calvin and Hobbes in the snow -- animated