Friday, February 13, 2009

a Few Tunes for Friday

Hey Now kind Deadheads. How's it goin'?

Many thanks for the comments from those of you who've made yourself unsilent for the first time 'round here in the past few days. Very cool. It's good to hear from y'all!

I do not expect a comment every single time you download but ya know what, once or twice in a blue moon is nice. After all, I don't do this for myself. I already have the tunes. Sugarmag and I are giving to you. If you wanna take and walk away quietly, that's your choice. But it ain't cool. Comments certainly are not required but your appreciation expressed in a comment is appreciated back!

(I'm still wondering when the French downloaders are gonna comment. Bonjour, mes amis. Comment allez-vous? Appréciez-vous les Grateful Dead téléchargements. Signalerez-vous également un commentaire ? Peut-être. Ça serait gentil. Merci!)

Hey Adam -- If you haven't gotten it to work, Set 1 of 4/25/77 without a pesky Password is up. Also, if you read part of the 1966 Setlists page at Deadlists you'll see that the songs once thought to be from 2/25/66 Ivar Theater, as of 1/23/07 are known to belong to 3/12/66 Danish Hall. Or something like that. I'm not sure there are definitive answers known to be 100% correct concerning so much in '66 but as far as the keepers of Deadlists are concerned, there's no known setlist for 2/25/66. There are links to it on Archive but those songs on Archive are the ones David Lemieux has verified to be from 3/12 Danish Hall. That's all I can tell ya about that show. Later, my friend!

And now... here are some tunes...

Grateful Dead Steal Your Face - Vanderbilt University design~MNS-2009-Volume-013

Grateful Dead -- October 21, 1972
Vanderbilt University -- Nashville, Tennessee

SBD mp3 320 kbps download
2nd Set partial: He's Gone, Greatest Story Ever Told,
Bird Song, Truckin-> The Other One-> Morning Dew

Why does the whole show not exist or circulate? Oh well. Perhaps this chunk is better than nothing.

It's speculated that the recording lineage probably has a cassette generation in it because of a light layer of hiss present throughout. Other than that, it's not terrible sounding material ... if you REALLY like to hear a LOT of Phil. Whoa -- Phil Lesh & Jerry Garcia and Friends. The bass-heavy mix with Jerry's beautiful lead guitar only in one channel might be tedious listening for some. It's good stuff, though.

A couple eyewitness reports, transcribed from:

DeadBase IXDeadBase IX [out of print]


This was a free outdoor show (for the public.) The band played under a circus-type tent, and the entire central area of the campus was used for the crowd. This was my second show, and it was VERY intense, featuring The Other One. Garcia talked freely from the stage and backstage area to the crowd. This show was advertised by and put on by the student entertainment council with money left over from their budget. Fans came from all over the Southeast.
Bernie Bildman

When the "Skull and Roses" album came out with an invitation for Deadheads to write in, I am sure that I was one of the first to send in a letter. About a year later I received a notice that the Dead were going to play a free concert in Nashville. Those few of us in the Deep South who wanted to see a Grateful Dead concert had very few opportunities to do so without driving for days, so my friends and I were only too happy to drive 400 miles for such a treat. We arrived in town the night before and some kind Vandy students let us stay in their dorm rooms. When we got up the day of the show, the weather was dreary and cold. Praying that it would not rain we went down to the concert site and staked out a good spot. The stage was set up at the foot of a gently sloping field surrounded by trees right in the middle of Vanderbilt University. The backdrop was an ancient brown-brick building with gables, covered with lots of ivy.

The clouds produced a little mist as we sat and waited for the show, and this dampened us body and soul. About 1:30 the clouds began to break up, and by showtime it was gloriously sunny and warm. To me, this personified the magic created by the Dead and their colorful legion of fellow travelers. A very tranquil crowd had gathered for the afternoon's proceedings, and the appearance of the sun signaled that it was time for the show to begin.

The show started out with four solid rockers that got this Southern crowd hopping. After Bertha, Me & My Uncle, Deal, and Beat It On Down The Line, I caught my breath enough to notice that there were some new people on stage. Who is that girl swaying around up there, and who is playing keyboards? Nobody around me seemed to know, but the show was moving along just fine. The band seemed relaxed, and they were taking their time with the songs, making sure they were really in the groove before starting to sing. The crowd really responded to Tennessee Jed, and Playin In The Band closed out a great first set.

The second set kicked off with three more rockers that got us all back on our feet. The Truckin> Other One> Morning Dew segment took the crowd on a trip through many moods and emotions, and they ended with a scorching Sugar Magnolia. Luckily, they had enough energy left after a long, hard-driving show for Johnny B. Goode as an encore. The thought that I had after this show was that despite some weak vocals, a few missed guitar notes, and a couple of new players who were still trying to find their niche in the band, you could always count on the Grateful Dead to give you their best effort to put on a high-quality concert.

During the last couple of songs the sky was beginning to get cloudy again, and by the end of the encore it was overcast and cold again. Another amazing Grateful Dead day. Y'all come back to see us real soon.
James Sallis

10-21-72 aka 10/21/72 aka 72-10-21
Source: Soundboard>
Master Reel> DAT> CD>

Audio Quality:
10/21/72 Vandy
@ the Internet Archive

the SBD for Listening Only
TINY STEAL YOUR FACE Download It Right Here -- 10/21/72 -- Vanderbilt U TINY STEAL YOUR FACE


Anonymous said...

Really looking forward to this one. Have a Nashville show from 1979 that I like quite a bit. I don't think I've heard this one so am very interested in a 72 Tennessee show.

Many thanks,

Anonymous said...

Thanks for this.I always prefer 2nd set than 1st,and this is really
good,one of better 72 shows.
Thanks again,Grateful Boki!

Miss Divine said...

Any Phil-heavy show is cool with me.

henryband said...

A '72 show always makes for a great day. Thanks again.

Anonymous said...

Thank you 1972 was one fo the best years.

Adam said...

Hi Zoooma!

Thanks for the diligent research on 2-25/3-12-66. I suppose if I had checked the set lists, I might have noticed it, but sometimes, especially in '66, things look a lot alike. Ce'st la vie!

And a big thank you for the fix on 4-25-77. I'll be sure to grab set one in the near future, but it will have to wait until I get today's beauty into my ears. I just really don't know how you go wrong with a Truckin' > Other One > Dew combo in '72. On an interesting side note, I recently picked up a copy of the bonus disc from Rockin' The Rhein with a very interesting Playing In The Band. Dick's Picks Vol. 30 provides the Playing from 3/27/72, and the undeniable reality that Donna has found her way into the vocal mix. However, the Playing on the bonus disc (from the same run of shows, but on 3/22) finds only Bobby on vocals. I had to listen to both several times to determine just how much that song had changed in less than a week. The version on 3/22 is really a scorcher, with all of the trademark spaciness that the GD could put into Playing condensed into a 10 minute blast of goodness. However, the version on 3/27, while a minute longer, seems to be almost a step backwards in the the evolution of the song. I highly recommend folks seek out the RTR bonus disc and judge for themselves.

Take care, and have a great 3-day weekend!


Swahanfan said...

Thank Zooma! Incomplete, but certainly the meat of the show (minus the Playing In The Band.) You can also play a "Where's Waldo" type game on some of this one called "Where's Keith" (although he's playing tasteful stuff on Morning Dew.)

I agree, there does sound like a cassette "watermark" embedded in the overall sound quality.

By the way, I've posted anonymously in the past on four other occasions, but anonymity no more!

Anonymous said...

just came across your blog...cooool!

Anonymous said...

Thank you for another great evening I`ll have with 72 Dead.

Anonymous said...

a little HEAVY on the bass, it might be only 6 songs out of 24, but it's still 6 songs worth a listen.
the guy from INDY,IN.

one says one number and the other another
but they were set at the same time. Hmmm...

Calvin and Hobbes in the snow -- animated