Monday, March 31, 2008


"In our sun-down perambulations of late, through the outer parts of Brooklyn, we have observed several parties of youngsters playing "base", a certain game of ball. We wish such sights were more common among us. Let us go forth awhile, and get better air in our lungs. Let us leave our close rooms... The game of ball is glorious!"
-Walt Whitman, 1846

Jerry, Bobby & Vince
"The Star-Spangled Banner"
Candlestick Park, San Francisco
SF Giants Opening Day - April 12, 1993

Today is the greatest day of the year... the Final Four is set.
Wait... that's not it... watching paint dry is more exciting
than college basketball! It's Opening Day, baby!!
MLB Opening Day 2008!

Once again this year for Opening Day I have arranged my work schedule to make sure that I had yesterday afternoon off from work (for last night's game) and today, as well.

At 8 a.m. this morning it was time to have some baseball for breakfast -- Toronto Blue Jays at the New York Yankees -- final Opening Day at Yankee Stadium, well, at the one that has had games played on the diamond since Babe Ruth and Lou Gehrig. (Unfortunately it's rainin' in The Bronx and they're in a Rain Delay but ESPN's got on the Kansas City Royals at the Detroit Tigers... borrr-rinngggg. On ESPN2 the Milwaukee Brewers at Chicago Cubs just came on... but it looks like another Rain Delay. Yup. Sheesh!)

games will be on all day long up until about 10 or 11 o'clock tonight. That means all day long (for the most part) I'll have my butt firmly planted in place watching games on this Opening Day 2008. Now where's my peanuts and Cracker Jack?

George W. Bush - first pitch at Nationals Park, March 30, 2008
There may have stupidly been a couple games already played in Japan, but last night in our nation's capital it was the celebratory Opening Night for North America.

The former owner of the Texas Rangers threw out the first pitch...

and Ryan Zimmerman gave the fans an exciting ending as he hit a game-winning Home Run in the bottom of the 9th for the Washington Nationals in the very first regular season game at the brand new stadium there.

Unfortunately the New York Mets, my one and only favorite team, they won't be on TV today. Hooray, I say sarcastically. Normally they're on ESPN on Opening Day... but after last September's, ummm, most unfortunate collapse, they really do not at all deserve to be on national television today. Let's face it -- they suck. First place all year and then they blew it BIG TIME. Part of me thinks the Mets can just kiss my ass... but I can't turn my back on 'em. I grew up goin' to Shea; the Mets are my team. It's not gonna be easy to regain confidence in them this year. Things could be great all season long but no matter what, there's still September. Ugh.

Mr. Met (New York Mets)

Yet somehow I'm still excited for the season. All through the winter I complained that we'll have 162 games that are once AGAIN this year filled with talk of steroids and human growth hormone and what deserving players will NOT get elected to the Hall of Fame because of allegations of possibly using banned substances. It's still kind of a bleak time for our national game ... but I'm gonna take what excitement that I do have and watch what games I can. In October, a World Series victory for The Amazin's would make everything a whole lot better. But it's gonna be a long (and hopefully not too agonizing) time between now and the push for the Playoffs. This initial excitement will wear off some, the season will go on... and on and on and on... then come September, oh yeah, gonna get exciting again! Until then, today will be a great day of baseball!

Well — it's our game; that's the chief fact in connection with it; America's game; it has the snap, go, fling of the American atmosphere; it belongs as much to our institutions; fits into them as significantly as our Constitution's laws; is just as important in the sum total of our historic life.
-Walt Whitman

Baseball: A Film By Ken Burns soundtrack [CD cover] (1994)Baseball

A Film By Ken Burns

Original Soundtrack

Baseball: A Film By Ken Burns soundtrack [CD] (1994)]
196 kbps

Baseball - part 1

Baseball - part 2

Baseball: A Film By Ken Burns soundtrack [rear insert](1994)

Whitman Quote - KeilorWalt Whitman (Quote)
-- Garrison Keilor

Kansas City Call - Ossie DavisKansas City Call (Quote)
-- Ossie Davis
Take Me Out To Ballgame - Jacqueline SchwabTake Me Out To The Ballgame
-- Jacqueline Schwab

Star-Spangled Banner-Jacq SchwabThe Star-Spangled Banner
-- Jacqueline Schwab
Star Spangled Banner - Big League OrchestraThe Star-Spangled Banner
-- Big League Orchestra

New Black Tan Fantasy-Duke EllingtonThe New Black-And-Tan Fantasy
-- Duke Ellington
Hurrah For National Game - Jacqueline SchwabHurrah For Our National Game
-- Jacqueline Schwab

Jackie Robinson Radio CallJackie Robinson Radio Call
(1956 World Series)

-- Bob Wolff
Take Me Out To Ballgame 1908 by Harvery HindermyerTake Me Out To The Ballgame
-- Harvey Hindermyer (1908)

Did You See Jackie Robinson-Natalie ColeDid You See Jackie Robinson
Hit That Ball?

-- Natalie Cole
Gee Wonderful Game-Dodworth SaxhornGee, It's A Wonderful Game
-- Dodworth Saxhorn Band,
-- vocal: Juliet Lambert

Baseball Boogie-Mabel ScottBaseball Boogie
-- Mabel Scott
Sol White and Blind Willie DavisSol White (Quote from History Of Colored Baseball, 1907) / Dark Was The Night, Cold Was The Ground
-- Ossie Davis / Blind Willie Johnson

Bobby Thompson's Shot Heard Round The WorldBobby Thompson's
Shot Heard 'Round The World

-- radio call by Russ Hodges

Take Me Out To Ballgame-King CurtisTake Me Out To The Ballgame
-- King Curtis
Steal Away Bobby Horton MUSIC NOTESteal Away
-- Bobby Horton

Say Hey Willie Mays Song-TreniersSay Hey (The Willie Mays Song)
-- The Treniers
Babe Ruth radio callBabe Ruth Radio Call
-- (circa 1927)

Take Me Out To Ballgame-George RabbaiTake Me Out To The Ballgame
-- George Rabbai
Clubhouse Stomp - NY HawksClubhouse Stomp
-- The New York Hawks

Hank Aaron 715 radio callHank Aaron HR #715 Radio Call /
When You And I Were Young, Maggie / New York Times (Quote)

-- Milo Hamilton/Jacqueline Schwab/
-- Studs Terkel
If You Cant Make A Hit With Me-Natl Pastime OrchestraIf You Can't Make A Hit
At The Ballgame, You Can't
Make A Hit With Me

-- National Pastime Orchestra

Pound Cake-Lester Young and Count BasiePound Cake
-- Lester Young with Count Basie
-- and His Orchestra

Take Me Out To Ballgame-Dr JohnTake Me Out To The Ballgame
-- Dr. John
Minstrel Boy-Jacqueline SchwabThe Minstrel Boy
-- Jacqueline Schwab

Eulogy for Jackie RobinsonEulogy for Jackie Robinson/
Steal Away

-- Jesse Jackson/Jacqueline Schwab
Joe DiMaggio radio callJoe DiMaggio Radio Call (1937)
-- Red Barber

Take Me Out To Ballgame-Carly SimonTake Me Out To The Ballgame
-- Carly Simon
Joltin Joe DiMaggio-Les Brown OrchestraJoltin' Joe DiMaggio
-- Les Brown and His Orchestra
-- featuring Betty Bonney

Sporting New quote-Amy MadiganThe Sporting News (Quote)
-- Amy Madigan
Marsalis-Hornsby-Star Spangled Banner The Star-Spangled Banner (320 kbps)
Bruce Hornsby & Branford Marsalis

Eddie Vedder Take Me Out To Ballgame Eddie Vedder -- Take Me Out To The Ballgame
(Wrigley Field ... I think 5-14-06)
mp3 download grateful dead jerry garcia vince welnick bob weir ratdog phil lesh brent mydland mickey hart bill kreutzmann pigpen ron mckernan
Lets Go Mets Let's Go Mets (1986)Grateful Dead Steal Your Face New York Mets
Lets Go Mets 12 inch Let's Go Mets 12"
Meet The Mets 1963 Meet The Mets (1963)
Meet The Mets 1999 Meet The Mets (1999)
unfortunately the quality of these blows
and there's no Ralph Kiner.

Shea Stadium scoreboard - ribbon on the World Trade Center
Top of the scoreboard at Shea Stadium in Flushing, Queens (NYC)
(image opens a little bigger but not much)
Notice the ribbon on the twin towers of the World Trade Center


afterthegoldrush said...

Did the Prez throw a strike? If Hillary is elected will she throw underhanded? Inquiring minds want to know.Ken Burns For President!!!

Inspiration, Move Me Brightly said...

There's no underhand in Baseball!!!!!! But wow, that's a scary thought.

First Pitch was indeed a strike... if the batter was about 9 feet tall. Then again, he's the President, of course it was a strike... otherwise you might find yourself in Guantanamo.

(At least he didn't bounce it in. W's got a good arm.)

redsock said...

My team played those "stupid" games in Japan -- but can we get only the first one to count?

Nice post and nice songs! Enjoy my man Pedro this year!

Maybe the Red Sox will "step right up and meet the Mets" in October.

(Saw you via Fuzzy!)

rundangerously said...


woo hoo!! what an awesome opening day post!!

too bad yankees opening day game was rained out here. do over is tonight.

but your mets got in a solid win!


Nazz Nomad said...

Bush got his ass booed throwing out the first pitch... that's when you know you're in trouble as President, when baseball fans hate you.

I got chills watching Jerry, Bobby and Vince singing the national anthem... thanks for that.

And I still have my circa 1986 purple tie died Mets "Steal Your Base" t shirt... actually two of em... threadbare at this point but valued forever.

joated said...

Jeez, and I thought I had it bad for the Mets!

Anonymous said...

The links to the songs no longer work. :( Can you please re-upload them?

one says one number and the other another
but they were set at the same time. Hmmm...

Calvin and Hobbes in the snow -- animated