Thursday, March 13, 2008

How can you Taste The Rainbow if you can't Buy The Rainbow?!?!

As far as I know, the percentage of children in America who are fat continues to rise. It's no wonder our Armed Forces can't meet their goals for recruitment numbers, too many teenagers are 230 pounds and addicted to video games and Doritos in high school. Those who wish for our military to be used only within our very own borders, and certain Berkeley council members, might approve but truly it's sad and just disgusting.

Now, I'm all for the removal of softs drinks from schools below the college level as well as getting rid of vending machines that dispense unhealthy foods. Not in the schools. Having them doesn't necessarily encourage the consumption of such "garbage" but it helps to contribute to this nation's obesity epidemic. Hey, if someone wants to get fat after they're out of school, so be it. But there ain't no need for schools to be an aid to that BEFORE then.

But I digress...

This gets you in trouble ►

This should not!


But it can in New Haven, Connecticut.

Come on, if a kid wants his Skittles fix, and he buys a bag from another student in school, should he really get suspended for it? And bar him from taking part in an honors student dinner?? And take away his position in the student government?!?!?

You'd think he beat someone up or vandalized the principal's car or something...


There were a lot of days in high school when sitting down for lunch I thoroughly enjoyed a large bag of Skittles and a bottle of Jolt Cola. A little sugar fix to get through the rest of the day, that can be a very good thing and it hurts no one. To punish a kid for buying Skittles in school? Give me a break.


vw bug said...

I was wondering who the kid annoyed or who his parents pissed off. Talk about extremem.

pajama momma said...

First off I'm extremely impressed with your comment on the Spitzer thing and KOTG.

Next, you're right. I'd never thought about the whole vending machine thingy at school, but you know what's worse?

The food they serve the kids at school. It is cheaper for me to buy lunches for my kids at school than make lunches for them, however, I'm learning the food they feed them is appalling.

I was sooo excited because the breakfasts are free and then I found out what they get, cinammon toast or sweet cereal. My kids would be so much happier just having regular old Cheerios and regular toast.

The schools have decided that the kids won't eat it if they serve healthy foods so they'd rather fill them with junk to make sure they're full than feed them healthy.

Sorry for my rant.

Susan said...

I agree; the punishment is too extreme. What happened to the candy pusher? Is he doing time in juvie?

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