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40 Years Ago ... Some Free Tunes On Haight

Show review of the Grateful Dead 3/3/68 - Haight Street, San Francisco.  Ahhh, Jerry Garcia, Phil Lesh, Bob Weir, Mickey Hart & Bill Kreutzmann and of course Ron Pigpen McKernan.  No Brent Mydland and Bruce Hornsby and Vince Welnick were quite a few years away from being in the band.  Keith and Donna Godchaux were in the band a few years before.  No songs from John Perry Barlow but yes from Robert Hunter, of course.

--anonymous crowd dude.

Grateful Dead - March 3, 1968
Haight Street
San Francisco, California

Viola Lee Blues, Smokestack Lightning,
Turn On Your Lovelight, It Hurts Me Too,
Cryptical Envelopment

It's amazing and kind of sad looking at all the dates the Dead played in '67 and '68 and knowing how few recordings there are from those two entire years. Some were made, some survived the decades ... and while they're not all stellar soundboard recordings, they are, for the most part, to be cherished because so wicked rare it seems each one is. This is one of those rare shows that we have from that incredible time in the history of early Dead. A full show, unfortunately, it isn't but still a tasty nugget to listen to. It might not be a soundboard but it sure sounds like one at times. Listening with headphones brings Phil right up front and allows the ears to better pick up everyone else, as well. Even listening with regular speakers, or semi-cheap computer speakers I've also noticed, the quality really ain't too bad... even better than some audience recordings of GD and Jerry shows in the 80's and 90's!

Here's a little somethin' from DeadLists:

Larry, an eyewitness writes: "i remember getting off the bus on haight street that spring day, pushing my way through the crowds to see what all the excitement was about (i didn't know- did anyone? -that the dead were parking a flat bed truck across haight street to play a free gig!) ...completely by accident, i got there (well, within a few hundred feet) just as they fired up the music... the bus came by and i was splattered like a bug on the windshield!!! ...the version of "dancing in the streets" (which, unfortunately, isn't on the tape) was not the "disco" version they came up with later, but a much stronger r&b/rocking tune... I never forgot that set"

And for furthur good reading check out the cool review of 3/3/68 that's posted @ Grateful Dead Listening Guide. There are a whole buncha really good reviews there worth reading (with links to downloads on Archive) so spend some time, enjoy!

3/3/68 Source:
Steve Brown's Master Audience Reel > DAT > CDR

(No soundboard exists)

Thank You, Steve!

Haight Street Dead 3/3/68 is @
for both listening & downloading

3-3-68 aka 03-03-68 aka 3/3/68 aka 03/03/68 aka 68-03-03 320 kbps mp3 download & setlist
San Francisco Fire Department (SFFD - Station 12, The Haight) Grateful Dead Steal Your Face
Thanks to Mark for posting about this once upon a time...
and to (ariel) for her original pic of this unique (and official SFFD) stealie.

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