Sunday, March 15, 2009

Mid-March Mutterings

from this meme is called: Unconscious MutteringsUnconscious Mutterings

a free association game

The word(s)
:: and I think ... ?

Sugarmag's in pink :: Zoooma's in green

1. Sunburn :: Red lobster blistered skin. Peeling skin. Putting lots of sunscreen on my kids. :: Ouch. (and a movie with Farrah Fawcett that I don't think I've seen.)

2. Aquarium ::
Aquarium Rescue Unit [a band.] And going to aquariums in Chicago and Hawaii with my kids :: fish; Boston Aquarium (only because I was talking about Cambridge and Boston with Sugarmag shortly before we did mutterings.)

3. Otter ::
when I was a little kid I lived in California at Pt. Sur and Port Hueneme (my dad was in the Navy) and I would sometimes see otters floating on their backs eating abalone. It made a big impression on me. :: aquatic mammal.

4. Awesome ::
That's awesome, Babe! :: AWESOME-O [from an episode of South Park where Cartman is disguised as a robot called AWESOM-O.]
Butters and Eric Cartman dressed as AWESOM-O
5. LOL :: Zoooma makes me LOL :: Laugh Out Loud

6. Accordion ::
German music that I love. Also Broooooce! :: Bruce Hornsby, one-time member of the Grateful Dead, plays some wicked awesome accordion. [Dang it! Nothing on Youtube of Hornsby playing accordion. BLAST!]

7. Hot pocket ::
crappy frozen things :: LOL...ewww. Not acceptable food.

8. Grandstand ::
American Grandstand ... Zoooma set me straight, it's American Bandstand. Duh. Also as a verb: to grandstand. :: Racetrack. But, for whatever reason, "to grandstand" was actually my very first thought.

9. Shaved ::
giggle, no comment. :: Uh huh; Shaved ice.

10. Upgrade ::
software. :: Do something better, to the newest version.


Lynn said...

Lol at #8. Well, hot pockets are okay w/ me as long as there are lots of cheese.

Sherrie said...

Love your answer to #8! That's funny! Have a great day!!


Kwizgiver said...

Love your #4s.

The Social Frog said...

Great Mutterings :) Thanks for visiting me :) Have a great day!

one says one number and the other another
but they were set at the same time. Hmmm...

Calvin and Hobbes in the snow -- animated