Monday, March 2, 2009

Happy Bday O&ITW!


Old & In The Way -- March 2, 1973
The Record Plant, Sausalito, California

Jerry Garcia - banjo, vocals
John Kahn - bass
David Grisman - mandolin, vocals
Peter Rowan - guitar, vocals
Richard Greene - fiddle

Goin' To The Races, Dark Hollow, Katie Dear,
New Camptown Races, Two Little Boys,
Home Is Where The Heart Is, Down Where The River Bends,
Knockin' On Your Door, Old & In The Way Breakdown

What a great little first ever Old And In The Way "show." I'm not sure I'd call it mindblowing but it's exceptionally well played, that's for sure. The setlist features some one-time-only played songs for this band. Dark Hollow thru Home Is Where The Heart Is have their sole known performances here. Why were they ditched in lieu of other tunes? Beats me but that means this is rather unique so hey, that's pretty cool. Dark Hollow is interesting in that it's Peter Rowan on vocals and not Jerry. Song selection for this KSAN-FM radio performance goes back and forth between all out pickin' and some mellower numbers. If this was the only bluegrass that I'd ever listen to, that would be okay with me!

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Download It Right Here -- Old & In The Way - 3/2/73
3-2-73 aka 03-02-73 aka 3/2/73 aka 03/02/73 aka 73-03-02


Keith H said...

More great stuff keeps coming from you. I sure enjoy that old bluegrass, and this band really kicks ass at it. I especially love the jamming on the "Old and in the way breakdown. Thanks Again!!!

quiethours said...

Thanks for this one! Looking forward to listening to it on a long car ride home. Have a good week!

Anonymous said...

worth the download for sure.
very nice & clean sound.
the guy from INDY,IN.

Timmy said...

Excellent, Thanx!

Adam said...

Hey Zoooma!
This is a great post! I just got a copy of 7/23/73 and I like it a lot as well. It is the only copy of O&ITW that I have (or know of) where they actually sing Orange Blossom Special. It kind of took me by surprise when I heard it, and I can't wait for the surprises this little beauty holds!

Anonymous said...

Thanks Zooma, much appreciated! Having trouble with my password so today I'm anonymous.

Jakesandmingus said...

Thanks for all you do!

one says one number and the other another
but they were set at the same time. Hmmm...

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