Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Hey Now!

Hey how are ya'? Dare I say it? It is starting to feel a little bit like spring this morning. Nice. I am doing much better since my last post. For one thing, I now understand binary! I am not so sure about adding and subtracting in binary, but I understand counting, so that's a start. My instructor is wonderful and I can go to her office hours and ask her. Also, the binary thing is not that important in the big picture of this class. I'm learning to program in Python and that part is challenging and actually kind of fun. So I've been thinking about loops and it occurs to me that sometimes when people just won't stop exchanging insults with people they don't know on the internet it is like an indefinite loop. Rinse and repeat.

It also makes me think of my favorite web comic:

This is from xkcd.

You know what else? I love David Grisman. I really want to go see him play but it looks like he won't be near me any time soon. Maybe I should move to California.


Ron H. said...

Grisman is SOOOOO cool. I saw him and his band on a party boat in NY Harbor the Summer before last. Grisman's mandolin, the Statue of Liberty and the NY Skyline on a beautiful summer's eve. What could be better (ok, Jerry on banjo!)

Some more Grisman posts would be much appreciated :)

Thanks Zoooma!

Ron H.

Zoooma!! said...

Heya Ron H! Not to be a downer but especially since I'm from the NY area, I wish the World Trade Center was still in that skyline. But even still, that sounds like it was a great time, glad you got to enjoy it!

Unfortunately, it doesn't look like a recording of that show exists. I just did some searching and came up empty. Ah well, maybe someday.

I'm not big into Grisman outside of his work with Jerry but I've just gotten (within the past 48 hours!) a couple Grisman shows for Sugarmag. She's expressed interest in posting one (or more?) up in the future but since she is crazy busy with grad school, it could be a while. All I can say is keep an eye out and be sure to give her a big thanks when she does!!!

Thanks for stoppin' by and commenting, my friend! Good to hear from ya!

Anonymous said...

Old and In The Way is one of my all time brings me back to that old country/folk times when the songs were able to tell tales, rather than using it for personal gain!

one says one number and the other another
but they were set at the same time. Hmmm...

Calvin and Hobbes in the snow -- animated