Sunday, March 8, 2009

Donna's not ready to knit yet

Donna Jean & The Tricksters

Donna Jean & The Tricksters -- March 8, 2008
Fairfield Theatre Company, Fairfield, Connecticut

1st Set: Till The Morning Comes, All I Gotta Say, Moments Away,
Chain Of Fools, I Want To Tell You-> Jam->
Mission In The Rain-> No Better Way

Set 2: Spirit In The Sky-> Jam-> So Hard, Cassidy,
Travelin' Light-> Jam-> Ladybug, Arise->
Drums-> Samson & Delilah

Encore 1: Tore Up Over You
Encore 2: One More Saturday Night

There's no screaming. I just thought it necessary to get that out of the way. Donna's voice, without a single scream, sounds really nice all the way through!

I'm not sure this was the best show of theirs to post. Keyboardist Mookie Siegel was absent and since no one filled in, it feels like there's an instrument missing from the overall sound. Feels like? There is. The first song is clearly flat without him.

I'm also not sure about the original songs here by The Tricksters. They're okay but I'm not diggin' them a whole lot

The highlight of the first set is without a doubt the almost 11 minute Jam out of I Want To Tell You. It's really cool the way they go into Mission... but that not being Jerry (or even Weir with Ratdoggie Dogg) is a little strange. Jeff Mattson's lead guitar isn't bad and Donna's harmonies are beautiful, though.

Set 2 features more of the same -- some covers, some original tunes, and more bar band sound. That's where I'd bet it would be the funnest dancin' time for these guys. I don't think I'd pay to see them in a larger theater setting without beer and a bar. This is bar band music and it's not bad! I really like that you can tell Donna's having fun up there. She's singing in a rock and roll band. Hey, that's purty cool, ya know, y'all?! The jams work well in Set 2 as cool transitions. While I don't love the new tunes a whole bunch, So Hard has some nice room to play and the band sounds really good here. Mattson sounds a little too much like Jerry at times. I'd prefer he have his very own style.

Whoever the lead male vocalist is (Mattson?), he sounds too much like Bobby and the Cassidy duet with Donna is eerie. The song itself is quiet faithful to a Grateful Dead version. Well, afterall, these guys, without Donna, used to be a GD cover band. They still are, to a certain degree, so it makes sense to sound a lot like the Dead. Even if they are just a cover band, they can still kick ass like they do in Cassidy! A nice plateau they build up to before bringing the song back back to Earth for the last flight of the seabirds. Pretty nice.

Drums is very GD-like also before they ring out those oh-so-familiar first notes of Samson. The guitar at the beginning is completely reminiscent of Jerry Garcia. Freaky, almost. And then once again, the lead singer here sounds like Weir.

Encore numero uno, Tore Up, had me wanting Jerry (because of Mattson's guitar again) but I like this version with Donna singing. It's really cool and not a single scream to be found! That should've been the only encore or something else should have followed 'cause again we get the Weir-alike person singing Saturday Night. I don't mind hearing these songs by someone else but I'd prefer them to have a bit of their own sound rather than almost an imitation of a Grateful Dead version.

So why'd I listen to this? Why not. I'm open-minded and I wanted to hear what they sound like. And maybe this post will find its way into the ears of someone who was there and/or who'd also like to have a taste of Donna... I could backspace that out 'cause it sounds sexual, doesn't it? Anyway, you know what I mean. Enjoy!

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Anonymous said...

Hey now Zooma,

Hah! Less then 24 hours after I make a comment about no Keith and Donna, you give us this Donna/Zen Tricksters show. Well, I guess I can take comfort in the fact that I said no "Keith and Donna" not no "Keith or Donna."

As it turns out, I'm looking forward to this show even more then the Hunter one. I've been hearing about how God-like the Zen Tricksters are since the days of Dupree's Diamond News, but they don't come through San Diego much (only one time that I remember, and I was out of town on biz) so this is great.

Of course we get the DSO playing 2 or 3 shows a year here, which is also great (actually, really great)- but please allow me my two cents on the DSO as it's semi-applicable here: (1) Don't you think the "Donna" twirls too much? (2) Is the "Bobby" too Bobby? This is kind of like a story I heard from a former member of Greg Allman's band that when Les Dudek auditioned for the ABB he nailed it musically but his facial expressions were so Duane-like that it freaked Greg out. Of course, I'm not sure if that story is true (it came from a side-man, so it's iffy) but the same thing applies for the "Bobby." It also could be that to play like that you just naturally get into the same space, but he still seems just a little too Bobby. Finally (3) Isn't it amazing how little some things change? At a DSO show in 2006 a guy elbowed his way in front of me to block my view that I remember did the same damn thing to me at a Dead show 30 years earlier. I also took a whiz next to someone during the slow Garcia second-set ballad that I swear was in the urinal next to me at an early '80s show (I can only imagine how twisted that sounds as far as memories go but I hope you get the point.)

Anyway, thanks for the great post, you're blog is now officially my first "post dinner, pre family-time" thing of the night.



Zoooma!! said...

Swahanfan -- Purely coincidence. I usually plan about a week or two in advance, especially if it's a show where the date of the show corresponds with the actual calendar date.

I'm glad you got into the mindset of looking forward to this. I don't think it'll get that many downloads but maybe some people will dig it and that's cool. I dug it but the Bobby singer and Mattson playing quite like Jerry a few times, that's a little weird. Still, after taking at least a year off, I just might post another Donna & The Tricksters show in the future. Mayhaps they'll get around to SoCal and you'll get to see 'em. I bet it's a fun time.

Interesting coincidences you mentioned. There's no way I'd remember something that long ago!

Nice to have you checkin' in and putting up a comment from time to time. If you've got any requests, feel free to email me or leave 'em in a comment. I can't promise speediness (I'm still working on a few requests from weeks ago) but I can promise I'll do what I can for ya. Always happy to help out when possible!

Garciya Later!

Chris (a.k.a. Zoooma)

Anonymous said... Danish voiceover

one says one number and the other another
but they were set at the same time. Hmmm...

Calvin and Hobbes in the snow -- animated