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Jerry Schmerry

Bob Weir of the Grateful Dead - Winterland 1977 copyright Jim Crowley~MNS-2009-Volume-019

Bob Weir Band -- March 2, 1978
The Warner Theatre, Washington, D.C.

Bob Weir - guitar, vocals
Bobby Cochran - lead guitar, vocals
Brent Mydland - keys, vocals
Rich Carlos - bass
John Maucer - drums

Poison Ivy, It's All Over Now, Easy To Slip, Salt Lake City,
Bombs Away, I Found Love, This Time Forever-> Shade Of Grey,
Heaven Help The Fool, Around And Around

Encore: I'll Be Doggone-> Wrong Way Feelin'

plus: C.C. Rider, New Minglewood Blues

Oh, what I'd give to be able to hop in a DeLorean time machine to travel back to this time to be able to see the Bob Weir Band. Nevermind the Grateful Dead and who the hell needs Jerry Garcia?! This is where it's at! Okay, well, maybe not but I like it just fine. Just four songs (not including Heaven Help The Fool which was played only acoustically in late 1980) are ones done in Dead shows and the rest is purely Weir or cover tunes that are right up Bob's alley.

For your potential enjoyment, this is either the early show or the late show from this night in our nation's capital. It's not really known which one it is. According to WeirWorks (a pre-Ratdog Weir setlists site that may be compiled largely from the WeirBase section of DeadBase) each show's setlist was pretty much the same but in the late show C.C. Rider and Minglewood were added. My guess is this is the Early Show but since the Late Show was essentially the same, those two songs were included.

Poison Ivy ain't bad and features some nice Brent on keys but check him out in It's All Over Now. Crap, man, he's about carrying the song!! Hell yeah!!! So cool!!!! In my opinion, this is much better than hearing the Dead play it. No, seriously, I mean it. Bobby Cochran on lead guitar sure ain't Jerry but he plays really freakin' well. Each of his solos are about as smokin' as Brent's and the crowd sure digs it. I'm not sure what it is about the song but Easy To Slip is one of my all-time favorite non-GD Weir numbers. I think this got a lot better over time and early Ratdog does it best but it ain't too bad here. More great Cochran on lead guitar in Salt Lake City: two solos that don't extend for a great length of time but both are mmm so nice! I think if I have a gripe it's gonna come in Bombs Away. I don't think the harmonies positively add to the song... but at over seven minutes this is the longest song of the night which means they have some nice jam time. Cochran's guitar steamrolls through while Brent adds nicely.

The middle part of the show has things getting changed up a little. I Found Love is the blues slot of the night. Bobby #2 takes the vocals and plays some nice blues guitar which, I think, is a lot, lot, lot stronger than his singing. Wow... he's smoooo-kin' before Brent adds some gorgeous blues touches of his own. The ballad slot follows the blues slot: This Time Forever. Holy cow, I don't know if this gets any better by any other Weir band through the years. Again, Brent's work on keys here really adds to this, like it was made for Brent to take part. Unfortunately, during Heaven Help The Fool some fool is chatting near the mics... heaven help him. Fortunately, it's the second longest song of the show so again there's some space here to open up the throttle a bit and let Cochran light it up. Quite Dead sounding, Around And Around is also one of the longest songs giving a final shot of Brent before the encore and plenty of time to dance! Dare I say it -- Cochran doesn't make me long for Jerry a single bit. He's pretty good!

Bob was a lot less cheesy back in these days but we get to hear a bit of Weir screamage on I'll Be Doggone. Definitely a good dancin' tune, especially with Cochran's screamin' guitar solo near the end! I hate to lodge a complaint here but I think it's a shame that there isn't a clean transition from Doggone into -> Wrong Way Feelin'. Oh well. The energy level only drops off for about a second before they're jackin' it way the hell back up again as they roll to the final notes of the night.

(The "filler" from the other show played that night is a couple tunes we all know pretty well. The C.C. Rider I like a lot and while I like the Minglewood, here's where I'd really rather have Jerry; first time I thought that during all this music. Of note here, though, is again some really nice Brent!)

There's not a lot of bass to speak of in the mix caught on tape but this audience recording isn't otherwise bad. Vocals and lead guitar are always right up front and personal. Between songs is a little chopped but crowd noise is at a severe minimum. I'm glad I got this!

Source: Master Audience Cassette
(by Gerry Moskal)>
CDR> FLAC (shnid=96589)

Audio Quality:
Bob Weir Band
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no Weir Band at The Archive.
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Bob Weir Band - 3/2/78 - Pt 1 -- -- -- 2nd Part - Weir Band - 3/2/78
3-2-78 aka 03-02-78 aka 3/2/78 aka 03/02/78 aka 78-03-02


Street Pig said...

Thanks Z, I have had the analouge copy for longer then i want to admit, this here is cleaner than my ole cassette, thanks for keepin it alive, SP

Anonymous said...

this my be an AUD. recording,but boy does it SMOKE,Bobby always delivers the goods. well worth the download. the guy from INDY,IN.

p.s. "heaven help the fool" is a great cd .

jointathan said...

Nice post. Pre-dead Brent. Muchas gracias!

Dogstarz said...

I don't know where you keep finding these amazing shows. I thank god that you do. Thanks once again man.

Zoooma!! said...

heya, thanks to each of ya for your comment!! I always thought it was pretty cool that before he was one of The Boys, Brent was part of the extended Dead family by playing in the Weir Band a year before his first Dead show.

Anonymous said...

Wow!! Been looking for this one for awhile.I can finally toss the dusty analog.
In my opinion this is really as good as Bobby can get.Poison Ivy is a great cover that Bob needs to bring back into the picture. ("shop around" is another one)
Thank you for the oppurtunity to re-live this show. Dave in florida

one says one number and the other another
but they were set at the same time. Hmmm...

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