Sunday, June 10, 2007

Some Sunday Sweet Sounds

With no hikes just to get out and get some exercise on the local trail, and with no runs, I don't listen to much music. Hmmm. But I've been jonesin' for a show and here's what I pressed Play on tonight...

Jerry Garcia Band 12-22-76
Keystone Berkeley
Berkeley, CA

1st Set
Let It Rock, Stir It Up,
Simple Twist Of Fate, They Love Each Other,
Midnight Moonlight

2nd Set
Tore Up Over You,
Knockin' On Heaven's Door, Mystery Train,
I'll Take a Melody, Ride Mighty High

(all but 3 songs with John Rich on pedal steel)

If I had favorite years (I don't) I'm not sure that '76 is one of my faves for the JGB. On this night at the Keystone they played a really nice show but nothing too rockin' allowing Jerry to really shine. More of a tight ensemble feel than a band led by Jerry.

The 1st Set is really quite mellow right up until Midnight Moonlight which picks up the pace a little to close things out. Perhaps a sign of Jerry's drug use is his decision to allow Donna to sing so much of Stir It Up... I just can't get into that. There really isn't a song by the Dead or by Jerry that I truly dislike but if I was gonna rank 'em, this would be darn near the bottom, I'm sorry to say. Simple Twist of Fate, on the other hand, has some really nice pedal steel sounds filling in some of the gaps. John Rich, whoever that is, supposedly plays on all songs except Tore Up and Mighty High but mainly his playing is hanging out way in the background. At times he's complimenting Jerry very sweetly, adding a layer of sound that is oh so nice, particularly on Simple Twist and on Knockin' in Set 2. This show is really worth it for those two songs alone due to Rich's sitting in with the band.

The recording's not the best, a little bit muddy but seriously not bad at all, just not super-crisp. And even though it's a Soundboard, I was able to really (sort of) feel like I was in the club at that show. Seems like it was a very small audience that night three days before Christmas in Berkeley. To me, the Warfield was intimate... a hundred or two people at the Keystone to see the JGB is something I can hardly imagine. [sighhhh...] Anyway, this is overall not a bad show. I smiled that big wide smile that only this music can bring. I dug it, I grooved to the tunes, I'm glad I downloaded it!

Source: Soundboard Master Reel > DAT > CDR

Download the show right Here

JGB 12/22/76 Keystone Berkeley - 1st Set
Set 2 - JGB Berkeley 12/22/76
12-22-76 aka 12/22/76 aka 76-12-22 320 256 kbps mp3 download and setlist
Garcia x 3, small with colored glasses like in the wind kind of.


B42 said...

Nice Jerry review, I could listen forever to this stuff and never tire. Hope your shins' feeling better so you can hit the trails again soon.

Sam said...

I agree, mad prayers for the shins. And great musical selection today. Every time you talk about TGD I realize I don't listen to them enough. I'm going home and breaking out some vinyl!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the JGB

one says one number and the other another
but they were set at the same time. Hmmm...

Calvin and Hobbes in the snow -- animated