Friday, June 29, 2007

Getting Better!

Everyday has seemed hopeless,
as if this leg would never heal.

But over the past two or three days,
I do not believe I've felt a single sharp or burning pain.

With my bed only inches off the floor, I have a long way to go
each and every time I stand up.
At some point a while back I had to make it a point
to consciously plant my left leg first and make sure
I put absolutely as little pressure as possible on the injured right leg.
I've continued to always be aware of what that leg was doing.

Without a cast, I've had to be so careful.
But over the past few days,
I've actually been able to be less careful.
The danger for reinjury has decreased... significantly!

Zilch Day, no run, no hike, Day 18...

but Finally -- getting better.

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