Monday, June 11, 2007

I'm a Freakin' Moron...

My leg was feeling better. Most definitely I was on the low end of the scale -- O to 10, it might've been like a 2.5 to 3-ish, fairly light and just uncomfortable and not truly painful.

On the 30-minute hike out before turning around, I might've peaked at around 5... was just bordering on pain but still eh and not too bad.

Began a pre-planned shortened run, significantly shorter than the 20 minutes that I should have fairly easily hit.

First three minute or so I was in PURE HELL. With EVERY SINGLE STEP there was pain spiking WAY UP to about, oh, 9. Should have stopped but I pushed through it. The pain ranged from 7 to 9 down to 7 up to 9, over and freakin' over. Holy cow.

After about three minutes it leveled off to about a 6 or so. All I really wanted to do was stop and not move any more, just magically be transported back to the front door and in the house, with ice and ibuprofen resting comfortably numb on the bed vegging out in front of the tv. But no, I had to finish the run and and then spend another 15 minutes or so getting back. Yay.

I shouldn't have gone. I didn't know I was gonna injure my leg worse than it was before I left. Today I am an idiot.

Trail Time: about 50 minutes or so.

Running Time -- 11 minutes & 25 seconds


Bebo Norman

Ten Thousand Days

1999 national debut

In Your Hands
Deeper Still
Where The Angels Sleep
Selwood Farm
The Hammer Holds
I'm Alright
Walk Down This Mountain
The Man Inside
A Page Is Turned
Healing Song

Once again, here's an artist who I've heard and liked a single song or two by, and I thought I'd give his music a shot, starting back at the beginning like I usually do.

Maybe I should from now on have a first time sit-down listen, perhaps scribbling a few notes, and then rearranging the music later on in a better order for running. There's really no maybe about that 'cause that's what I should in fact do! But there is a problem with that -- I randomly choose songs according to length of song adding certain times up to reach the Running Time that I am striving for that day. Choosing "good running songs" beforehand would make that more difficult since not every album under the sun can have the right songs add up to the time I want. SO ANYWAY, this whole paragraph might be completely useless since I'll probably just stick with my normal method and occasionally have some misses like today. Not like today mattered much anyway since I was in so much pain and couldn't really concentrate on enjoying the 11½ minutes of music that I ran to.

The order I randomly chose actually wasn't that bad. Ironically, the best song for running, in my opinion, is Stand. Most of the rest would not make for a good run. Reason for that is this is a whole lotta mellow music with not much that has a good medium to fast rhythm... or beat or tempo or whatever (I love music but don't know musical composition terms.)

If arranged in the right playing order, this album would be great to fall asleep to on an international overseas flight or something like Alaska -> New York non-stop (which isn't overseas but sort of international since you have to fly over that silly Canada.)

Faster-paced, more exciting music is usually what I prefer. Mr. Norman's Ten Thousand Days isn't exactly a thrilling ride. If there were no chart-topping Christian radio singles on this CD, I wouldn't be surprised. Sometimes an artist has a first album like that then matures to write much better music down the line. Perhaps that's the case with this dude. Still, he's singing for Christ and how great that is. While I may not dig this too much, I'm sure for others it's a blessing and that's nothing less than beautiful!

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