Wednesday, June 20, 2007

lost this one to some zzzz's

Maybe once or twice a year I put a movie on and then fall asleep. Before I even made popcorn I was wondering if I was really in the mood for a movie... I guess I wasn't as much as usual. Drifted in an out of the last 20 minutes or so. Dang it. No big loss, I'm sure someday within the next 40 or 50 years this'll show up on TCM again...

The Lone Wolf Spy Hunt


B-westerns I am used to but catching a B-detective movie is almost an equal treat. Warren William stars here as Michael Lanyard a.k.a. The Lone Wolf. It would be his first in the Columbia Pictures Lone Wolf serial. He's supported by 24 year old Ida Lupino and almost 20 year old Rita Hayworth. It's quite interesting to me that she was only a couple months shy of 21 when this was filmed. She unbelievably displayed the sexuality of a woman at least ten years older than that. There was no doubt she'd be such a star! Lanyard is framed for a heist at the War Department -- plans for a new weapon were stolen. But only half the plans were actually taken and Lanyard is forced to steal the other half, also. This and that happens and shortly I was in and out of sleep and not really paying attention. Oh well. From what I remember, this is a nice hour+ of entertainment. One of the cops helps provide some comedy as does Lanyard's kid, played by child actor Virginia Weidler. Hayworth was my star, though. Va va voooom!!!

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