Sunday, June 10, 2007

Mexican Musical

Fiesta (1941)

What a perplexing little film. Shot in stunning Technicolor and clocking in at a mere 45 minutes or so, I'm left wondering exactly what this is. It's not a feature. It's not a short. It nearly reaches B-movie length but... I dunno.

Set in rural Mexico, Cholita, a woman of some importance, who exactly we're not really clued in on, returns after spending considerable time in Mexico City. Her dad(?) is all stoked and ready to marry her off to someone but low and behold, she brought back some handsome radio star who she intends to wed.

No less than 6 or 7 songs later, often complete with correographed dance numbers, the movie wraps up with one of Cholita's friends going back to Mexico City with the handsome radio star while Cholita gets hitched to the man who loved her all along. Awww.


If there weren't a few bits of comedy mixed in, I'd've found this completely boring. Recommended for anyone Mexican and/or someone who really loves musicals.

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one says one number and the other another
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