Thursday, September 25, 2008

Need more JGB soundboards in this world!

What a gorgeous day today! It was overcast and windy and COLD!!! Sweet! Just because TV weatherpeople say a 75° Sunny day is "lovely" or "beautiful," does that make it so? What international body gathered to determine what constitutes good weather vs. bad?!? How can they make up mind concerning what I think about the weather?!? Isn't that subjective???!! Isn't that for each individual to decide? If me likes snowy, windy and cold, can't that be beautiful??? Sheesh!

Annnnyway... not exactly snowy weather but it was just so delightfully cool today, literally cool... not like Fonzie cool. I put on a sweatshirt last night for the first time since like early June and I haven't taken it off yet. Hmm... [sniff, sniff] ... nope, I smell okay.

Mets suck... but music makes things better!


We're in the homestretch, homeslice -- Final 100 Days of 2008. 97 left, I believe. On each of these 100 days I'm going listen to the Grateful Dead or a related family band. I've been putting the GD aside too much lately and so it's time to make up for that.

I plan to post shows here most of those 100 days... not all of them... but most. It's an ambitious project but I think it can be pulled off. There'll be stuff from just about every year for the GD and Garcia plus maybe a few miscellaneous this and thats thrown in, as well. Gonna be fun!

These 100 Days I had intended to be a fundraiser for some charities that I feel are very worthwhile to donate to. I know money is tight for many but listen, even a single dollar or two is appreciated by organizations that do great things in the world. Globally, locally, wherever they work to better the lives of others, they need monetary help. I'm not ready yet to be raising funds to disperse at the end of the 100 days but I hope to soon. We'll see what happens. In the end it might not be fundraising at all but links to charitable organizations for you, the reader, to browse if you wish. Until then, hey, check out Network For Good. They've got links to a bazillion charities which you can search by type and location as well as info concerning organizations looking for volunteers for you to lend a hand in what they do!


Jerry Garcia Band ~ December 3, 1983
Orpheum Theatre, Boston, Massachusetts

Early Show: Sugaree, Catfish John, It's No Use,
Run For The Roses, Dear Prudence-> Deal

Encore: How Sweet It is (To Be Loved By You)

Late Show, 1st Set: Cats Under The Stars, They Love Each Other,
Love In The Afternoon, Mission In The Rain, Rhapsody In Red

2nd Set: The Harder They Come, Russian Lullaby,
Tangled Up In Blue-> Midnight Moonlight

A few of the Early Show highlights for me: Dear Prudence -- not even 3 minutes in and Jerry's putting some really nice emotion into it. His playing is smooth and tasty throughout. Sooo good! No, I mean so, so, sooo good! Catfish John also sounded so sweet, at least from Melvin Seals on keys and John Kahn on bass playing so perfectly together. And then Deal just smoked! At about 3:33 it just takes off and leaves the stratosphere! The whole band is just on fire!! How Sweet It Is is nice but Deal shoulda been the encore!

In the late show, They Love Each Other is an early standout. Love In The Afternoon would be perfect for 9:44 worth of, well, love in the afternoon. So beautiful! Might as well include the following Mission 'cause the music just stays perfect and never misses a beat. The pace picks up with Rhapsody and once again the band is firing on all cylinders. The jam here is just juicy with no one in particular taking the lead, it's really everyone wailing together that makes this nothing less than exceptional! What a way to end a set -- everyone in the house has just lost 10 pounds from dancing their ass off!!

Set 2 has a gorgeous Russian Lullaby and Tangled is such a great way for Jerry to steamroll into what is almost the encore: Midnight Moonlight. Not really the encore but it's a smokin' final song!

Every Deadhead needs more of this!!! I'm soooooo glad that I got this request and it may have taken me awhile but I'm glad I'm finally puttin' it up for people to dig. This is sweet!!!!

Source: Master Soundboard Cassette > DAT > CDR

Audio Quality:
12-3-83 aka 12-03-83 aka 12/3/83 aka 12/03/83 aka 83-12-03 setlist 320 kbps mp3 Soundboard SBD download

Download the Show

Right Here

JGB 12/3/83 - Early Show

Late Show - 12/3/83

260 kbps (average)


Oceanshaman said...

I'll definitely download when I get home . . .

Totally agree . . . I wish the live archive had a JGB section . . . they do, of new JGB . . . but not old JGB with Jerry . . .

Man, I love a good Breadbox . . .

Peace . . .

Timmy said...

The quilt, that Jerry & his co-buddys built, stills holds together with grace & joy today, with 96 days left in the year of2008, A.D. (and what do you mean: "SugarMag, do I know you?" ???)

Anonymous said...

give thanks,

I've so wanted to hear a live version of Love in the Afternoon.


Zoooma!! said...

Thanks for stoppin' by and commenting, Oceanshaman. If you've downloaded it, I hope you dig it, great stuff!!

Timmy -- Hey Now! I'm glad you're back again! Yeah, this music is definitely still as great today as it ever was! "The quilt" -- i like that!

The thing about "Sugarmag, do I know you?" was just a joke that failed because I should've included a ;) Sugarmag loves Jer & the Dead big time and I'm glad to have her as a friend (and happy to have her helping here with 100 Days of the Dead!)

Anonymous -- I hope you've liked Love In The Afternoon and this show! Thank you for your comment. If there are any other tunes in particular you'd like to hear, let me know, I'll see what I can (eventually) do for ya.

Anonymous said...

Got this one the other day & finally got to spin it today. That's a sweet sounding show, Zooma--thanx! ...and that may just be one of the sickest Deal's I've ever heard. Some grate offerings hereabouts! --Mudcat

Anonymous said...

Thank you! Sounds great.

one says one number and the other another
but they were set at the same time. Hmmm...

Calvin and Hobbes in the snow -- animated