Thursday, September 25, 2008

Dem Bums ain't Da Dodgers anymore

Such a sweet Grand Slam by Carlos Delgado to put the Mets up 5-1 and then it just all went to hell. They tied it in the 8th... okay... then it all really went to hell. With relief pitching that's not even good enough for Little League, what do you expect. I can fill a better bullpen with 5 year olds.

Wild Turkeys? More like "Dem Bums" which used to (and still does) refer to the old Brooklyn Dodgers. Dem Bums is da Mets. Actually calling da Mets Dem Bums really isn't right. More like Dem Dooshbags.

They suck. There's no reason for Mets fans to expect to play in the playoffs in October. None. Mets just suck ass the sweat off a dead donkey's balls.

Yeah... whatever.

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