Sunday, September 21, 2008

Monkey Mutterings To Pump You Up

This morning I shall mutter. Why? Why not. I like to. Tis fun. Kind of a downer last Sunday but I wanna get back to normal so hopefully no crappy word this week. Hopefully.

from this meme is called: Unconscious MutteringsUnconscious Mutterings

a free association game

The word(s)
:: and I think ... ?

1. Heist :: stagecoach ... well, I wasn't planning on divulging this yet, not until all the details are ironed out, but I'm going to plan a stagecoach heist. It'll be the most spectacular stagecoach stickup in the entire 21st Century so far!

2. Hack :: computer ... Sarah Palin's email

3. Dane :: Great ... I have a close friend who really digs this big dog

4. Stings :: bee

5. Monkey :: Once upon a time there was an engineer
Drove a locomotive both far and near
Accompanied by a monkey who would sit on a stool
Watching everything the engineer would move

One day the engineer wanted a bite to eat
He left the monkey sitting on the driver's seat
The monkey pulled the throttle, locomotive jumped the gun
Doing ninety miles an hour down the mainline run

Big locomotive right on time
Big locomotive coming down the line
Big locomotive number ninety nine
Left the engineer with a worried mind

The engineer called up the dispatcher on the phone
Tell him all about his locomotive was gone
Get on the wire, switch operator to right
'Cause the monkey's got the mainline sewed up tight

Switch operator got the message in time
Said there's a northbound train on the same mainline
Open up the switch, I'm gonna let it through the hole
'Cause the monkey's got the locomotive under control

Big locomotive right on time
Big locomotive coming down the line
Big locomotive number ninety nine
Left the engineer with a worried mind

Lyrics by Jesse Fuller

6. Junkie :: drug addict

7. Pumped :: Hanz and Franz from Saturday Night Live ... I also think it's an Aerosmith album

8. Brass :: knuckles ... or Brass Monkey (song by The Beastie Boys)

9. Fight! :: fight's on, like "Game on!" ... no? Yeah, kinda lame, I had nothin' good for that word

10. Vouch :: I'll vouch for her, she's cool, she's groovy, she might have some weird links but she's cool

"Monkey And The Engineer"
The Grateful Dead's Bob Weir & Jerry Garcia ~ 4/13/82
"Late Nite With David Letterman"


Hootin' Anni said...

Love the monkey association you have this week!! Excellent.

Mine's shared. Stop by sometime please....and, have a great Sunday.

Sugarmag said...

Good Morning, Zoooma! I loved that video so much that when it was over, I clapped. It was funny that Bob said, "This is a song about tragedy narrowly averted" I guess that little intro is part of the song :). I forgot all about Hans und Franz.."we are going to pump YOU UP!" Haaa!

Kwizgiver said...

You must have some thoughts about Sarah Palin...

Great video!

Gracie said...

If you're going to have a stagecoach heist, may I recommend you read John Gay's The Beggar's Opera (or, even better, find the soundtrack CD of the RSC's stage version): "Let us take the road - I hear the sound of coaches - the hour of attack approaches - to arms brave boys and load!"
(and I enjoyed your Dire Straits entry, too, but my favorite of theirs is Sultans of Swing from their first album)

Laane said...

We share two.

I love the poem.

My answers can be found ::here::.

Have a great week!

Zoooma!! said...

Thanks to each of you for stopping by and commenting on my mutterings this Sunday.

Have a GREAT week!

P.S. Palin was a good governor, she's a strong woman, takes no crap, she got things done, and rightfully stood up to wasteful spending including standing up against those in her very own political party. Not all but a lot of women are pleased she's on the ticket. Can't please everyone, though... ain't that how America is and why we can't get anything done around here?! A roughly evenly divided America means half of us disagree with our neighbors on a regular basis and half of us will always be disappointed. Barack Obama won't change that. Sarah Palin won't change that. I don't how that will change, sadly.

one says one number and the other another
but they were set at the same time. Hmmm...

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