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Dead Bday

"All you folks out there with fireworks, hold your fire, will ya, please, 'cause the fire marshal don't dig it."

Bob Weir, 7/19/74

July 19 -- 201st day of this year, 2008...

and it needs to be said: Happy Birthday, John Stamos!!!

Actually today's not his birthday. I always thought it was. I celebrated this day as a National freakin' Holiday because of that!! Hmmm. I just don't know why I thought it was Uncle Jesse's birthday. Well... let's see here... he is on ER, though... not at the same time as Dr. Mark Greene was... but speaking of Dr. Mark Green -- Happy Bday, Doc!!!!!

(That was convenient. But I don't think I'll keep today as National freakin' Holiday anymore. Uncle Jesse is one thing... but some dude from ER who's not the ultra-dreamy George Clooney? Nah.)

Anyway, in addition to Dr. Greene, I would be a pathetic human being, just a downright horrible person if I didn't wish Ilie Năstase a Happy Birthday, as well. Everyone knows who that that is, right? RIGHT? No?! Neither do I so don't worry about it!

The past is (<--back that a-way) is behind us...

and the future (up ahead there-->) is lookin' pretty sweet and pretty bright, some might say so bright I gotta wear shades... but ya know, I do that anyway 'cause it makes me look just so damn cool!!

HEY!!! I be thinkin' tis time to get back to regularly postin' some shows 'round here, get this joint jumpin' again, get it reelin' and a-rockin'!

So how about some music? You know... music... tunage... bass, drums, keys, lead guitar, rhythm guitar, vocals, and Donna screaming?

(Aside from Uncle Jesse not actually turning a year older...)

On This Day In History... Ladies & Gentleman:

Steal Your Face fractal design ... hey, I love you, Amy!!!
Grateful Dead
July 19, 1974

Selland Arena
Fresno, California

Keith Godchaux's birthday

Soundcheck: Jam ... 1st Set: Bertha, Mexicali Blues, Deal,
Beat It On Down The Line, Row Jimmy, Me & Bobby McGee,
Scarlet Begonias, El Paso, Tennessee Jed, Playing In The Band

Set 1.5: Seastones ...
2nd Set: Brown-Eyed Women, Me & My Uncle
It Must Have Been The Roses, Jack Straw, He's Gone-> U.S. Blues,
Weather Report Suite Prelude & Part 1-> Let It Grow-> Spanish Jam->
Eyes Of The World
-> China Doll, One More Saturday Night


Since it's not too common, it's often a cool thing when a Soundcheck is included with a recording and here for July 19, 1974 -- Keith Godchaux's birthday -- we, you, me, us, all Deadheads who appreciate these tunes, we're treated to a pretty neat Jam. At times I feel I recognize some of the bars they're playing... or whatever that technical musical terms is... but mostly it sounds to me like they're just making it up as they go along. Not everyone's perfectly together on the same page throughout the ten+ minutes but this is still an interesting listen.

Everything in the First Set is perfect or darn near close to it but my major highlight is Scarlet Begonias. The jam just flies and is so perfect!

Playin' is also so sweet with tons of Phil right out in front and in the lead so much of the time. This just jams away for nearly a full 30 minutes including drifting away into more of a Spacey-land than a jam. Jerry is seemingly on his own for awhile as everyone else fills in the sound around him. Down to another level this Spacey Jam goes, taking those lucky enough to be in Fresno's Selland Arena 34 years ago to some undiscovered corners of the Milky Way! Eventually they meander back and into something sounding once again like the Playin' In The Band we all know so well. What a sweet wrap-up! Mmm!!

Okay, so maybe Scarlet and Playin' are my two highlights for Set 1.

After a few fine numbers, the 2nd Set has a He's Gone that you oughta just close your eyes to, let everything in the world melt away and just allow the Grateful Dead to completely take over your soul for 15 minutes in time. Oh... so nice!!!

That just might be an understatement for Weather Report Suite into Spanish Jam. Wow. Holy crap-a-moli! And with Eyes following -- absolute sweetness!

Pretty much an all-around great show that you can't go wrong with!

I'm just a fool, aren't I, for not playing more early 70's Dead? This is the first '74 (GD) show I've posted so yeah, I'd concur! Time to start mixing it up some more!!!


Here's yet another '74 show with a long, exciting jam based on Let It Grow. After happening in the usual fast and fluent mode for a while, the rhythm dissolves and the sound seems to disperse from the center. The music hangs out in space for a bit, with seemingly random bursts of sound from each instrument. Phil then brings it back to earth with a slow, heavy beat, leading soon into a wailing, lengthy Spanish Jam. This evolves smoothly into a potent rendition of Eyes of the World with an extra-long Phil solo. Phil is also more out front than usual during the WRS Prelude and Part 1, offering creative counterpoint to Weir's vocals.

Also notable about the jam, and other parts of the show is the unusually aggressive, at times even dominant, presence of Keith Godchaux. This was his birthday, and he seems to have risen to the occasion.

DeadBase IX

DeadBase IX
[out of print]

Keith Godchaux
Keith Godchaux of the Grateful Dead
July 19, 1948 - July 23, 1980

(this was written before the "modern day" mostly full Soundboard recording that we have to listen to in the 21st Century!)


The July leg of the 1974 summer tour starts with another classic show. The soundboard section is essential for any tape library. The audience tape suffers for sound quality and some painful chops, but it also includes amazing music. The first set features a very hot "Bertha," and a high energy "Scarlet Begonias." "Scarlet" is played quite differently than on the June tour, though it definitely remains a Jerry-ied jam. The set closes with another incredible "Playing in the Band." This may be my favorite of the year, despite some stiff competition. Phil kicks off the jam and is a very strong force throughout. A painful chop cuts off one early embellishment. Later, Phil leads the band into deep space. The space jam crests as Phil extends one high note while Jerry's lead pushes the band. This breaks down to a quiet space that passes through a blues jam reminiscent of "Smokestack Lightning" before the return to "Playing." "Seastones" returns to the drone/assault pattern of early versions. Phil is dominant.

The second set kicks into gear where the soundboard starts, with a glorious "He's Gone." It is beautifully sung and jammed. Jerry's solo is stellar. Like the June Boston show, "Weather Report Suite" and its jams are the centerpiece of the show, even though the jams are totally different. The song is performed superbly; Phil gives us perfect placed fills. Phil and Jerry launch a fast jam that develops into an eerie, angry space dominated by Phil and Keith. Phil then opens the "Spanish Jam" and presents one of his finest leads on tape. Unlike the Miami "Spanish Jam," Phil and Jerry trade leads until Jerry drops the chords from "Eyes of the World" into a Phil lead. Stunning!! "Eyes of the World" is well played and includes more excellent work from Phil, though it can't match the power of the "Spanish Jam." "China Doll" is an appropriately spiritual end to a very intense trip

The Deadhead's Taping Compendium, Volume 1 [for Grateful Dead music!]
The Deadhead's Taping Compendium, Volume 1:
An In-Depth Guide

to the Music of the Grateful Dead...
[out of print]


Soundboard Master Reel> Cassette> DAT> SHN> FLAC

mastered by Charlie Miller, March '06

a mildly crappy AUD source supplies two small patches
plus all of Seastones and Saturday Night
(Audience Cassette Master>Cass>Cass>Dat>CD)

sound quality
a smokin' hot A all the way; some would say A+ and hey, why not!?!

7/19/74 Selland Arena, Fresno at
you can Listen to the SBD

Small Steal Your Face symbolizing, of course, the Grateful Dead with Jerry Garcia, Bob Weir, Phil Lesh, Bill Kreutzmann, Mickey Hart, Ron Pigpen McKernan, Keith & Donna Godchaux, Vince Welnick, Bruce Hornsby and Brent Mydland.  And even Tom Constanten!  Songs by John Perry Barlow and Robert Hunter but none on this night by Bob Dylan or The Beatles.Download the Soundboard Right HereSmall Steal Your Face
7-19-74 aka 07-19-74 aka 7/19/74 aka 07/19/74 aka 74-07-19 setlist 320 kbps mp3 SBD download
Grateful Dead - 7/19/74 Selland Arena - Fresno, California


Sugarmag said...

Wow! What a show! Especially the second set...

Timmy said...

Delicious stuff here... Thanx & gracias!

Anonymous said...

Wonderful show.
You made my day....again!
Thank you.

Anonymous said...

Great show. Enjoying the second set.

Anonymous said...

Just the right show to move my Saturday brightly. Love the ragtag soundcheck jam that teeters in every direction but still manages to stay on its feet. Thanks muchly!

Zoooma said...

Hey Now!

Over 30 downloads in the first week... and a mere 5 comments.

Well, at least a few people have had the decency to say Thanks :)

So to each of you I say Thanks in return! Your comments are appreciated!!!!

Enjoy the tunes!

P.S. yeah, much of that 2nd Set is so sweet!! And that soundcheck jam is a cool treat, as well! You're right, it does teeter but still manages to to never fall apart. Good stuff!

scotchnsounds said...

Just stumbled onto your blog,it's good to see someone still keeping the flame burning. In 74 the band had such a great sound. Thank you, I'll be back

Zoooma said...

Scotchnsounds -- Thanks for the comment! Unfortunately I've gone through some downtime recently, not posting many shows in June and July. I'm hoping to really get back into the swing of things here, getting back to kinda regularly posting up all sorts of good stuff from the GD and Jerry plus who knows what within the family I'll also give a listen to. I definitely wanna help keep the flame burnin'!

Thanks for stoppin' by!

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