Friday, July 4, 2008

Darkness Go Away!

So, the other day, like almost a week ago now or whatever, we were at the Eve of the very first day of the 2nd half of the year. Other than on December 31, what better day to post a New Year's Eve show, right? Right? It's logical. Isn't it?

Anyway, that never happened. Grateful Dead is life ... but sometimes the tunes can just seem so damn insignificant.

Due to our national holiday today, the number of people visiting here on July 4th looking for a new show probably isn't/won't be as many as on some random Friday in June or September or whenever. Still I wanted to post this up this morning for folks. It's one of those shows that once the day has past, posting it so late or tomorrow, the historical factor gets kicked down a few notches. Why? It's a show from today (but many years ago.) See what I mean? Posting a July 4 show on July 5? Lame. So lame! At least that's kinda what I've been thinking and that's why I wanted this up this morning. But that became impossible due to a little thing called sleep and then, well... life completely and utterly sucking.

Again, a little of New Speedway Boogie came to mind...

"One way or another,
This darkness got to give."

Somehow. But when? It's difficult as hell right now. It's all a damn freakin' rollercoaster, with way too many ups and downs to it, a ride that's just so tiring. I feel like I need a lithium-prozac cocktail or something! Actually, I don't really know what that feels like but there are the tremendously wonderful days and then there are the times when listening to a show seems so pathetically insignificant. Listening to The Greatest Music on Earth oughta be a happy thing! Right? When life sucks, finding that happy inspiration is tough. I'm just being impatient. I just need to have a better grasp on the fact that getting through everything will just take some time. And then... and then... then that right and beautiful conclusion will be in sight. So difficult, though. Just so difficult. Faith is so important right now, to be able to smile about the when rather than just talk about the want.

One way or another... and with time... this darkness will give!


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