Sunday, November 11, 2007

This, That, & Ranch Rock

Yippee-freakin'-ki-yay, motherf... SHUT YOUR MOUTH...
I'm talkin' 'bout John McClain... AHHH, then I can dig it.

Know what I'm sayin'? I don't. I have no clue.

It got all the way up to 4 degrees today. Fahrenheit, the TRUE temperature deal, not the foreign one. Afterall, doesn't Bush wanna spread the evil American empire everywhere? Well, that's what some loons have said. Lame accusation that holds no water, huh? Yeah, pretty much.

In any case -- 4 degrees meant no hike today. Geez, Louise, what a day to stay inside and do NOTHING ... except watch some football and be abso-lute-ly nothing but lazy. Kinda wish I had one of dem treadmills, yo. Coulda run a few miles. Coulda also gone to the gym to run which I'm gonna hafta start doin' soon 'cause the temp's (again and always first and foremost in Fahrenheit) gonna get too low for bein' on foot out there on the trail.

So, today I got fatter. Yay. No exercise. Very bad.
Almost half of November's gone and I'm not even close to my goal of 9 pounds shed for the month. Great, I say sarcastically. And yes, 9 pounds, not kilos, not stone... pounds dammnit. Get Americanized! Ha, ha, I kid. Metric's good but even though the U.S. dollar is slowly plummeting, the United States is still the center of the world! Hey, I didn't make it that way, that's just the way it is. Listen, when citizens of every nation on Earth start immigrating to another country every year, and when the U.N. decides the U.S. is too pathetic to inhabit, and when some other country is more generous with helping others than the government and citizens of the U.S. combined, then maybe we can relinquish the title of leader of the world. (Hugo Dooshbag and Ahmadinjerk, you listenin'?) As it is now, citizens from EVERY nation on Earth go where every year to make a better life for themselves? Where? Tahiti? Brazil? France? Germany? U.K.? Callin' out, around the world, are you ready for a brand new feat? Winter's here and the time is right, for Skijoring In The Streets.... that's right, they go to the U.S. to make a better life for themselves. Even without a universal healthcare plan, free for everyone -- still they come here from everywhere. Idiots? Or do they know here's where they have the best chance at makin' a better life for themselves? Here, according to many, the government is corrupt and they're liars and everything's broken and we invaded Iraq on lies (which isn't really true, it was faulty intelligence from many sources, not lies) but at least it was still the right thing to do to remove Hussein, yo. Giving 25 million people a chance at freedom is MORALLY JUSTIFIED. Allowing a man like Hussein to remain in power -- certainly an immoral act if there ever was one. And now I must say -- Amen & Press Play...

A couple guys from Quicksilver Messenger Service.  Zero also played.  So did Problem Child and Kingfish with Bob Weir and Matthew Kelly and Anna Rizzo.  I wonder if this was staged because Jerry Garcia was recovering from his coma, or if it was scheduled before that all went down.  In any case, cool stuff. Tunes!
Ranch Rock '86 at Pyramid Lake
Nixon, Nevada

Mickey and the Daylites
Barry Melton & Dave Jenkins - guitar, vocals
David Freiberg - keyboards · Bobby Vega - bass
Kathi McDonald - vocals · Mickey Hart - drums

Wavy Gravy intro
The Shape I'm In
Piece Of My Heart
Walkin' Blues
Pride Of Man*
Whiter Shade Of Pale
Knock On Wood
Bring It On Home To Me

* with John Cipollina

Robert Hunter and his Mystery Band
David Jenkins - guitar
David Freiberg - keyboards · Bobby Vega - bass
Robert Hunter - guitar, vocals · Mickey Hart - drums, vocals

One Thing To Try
Rock Columbia
Molly Dee
Tiger Rose
Aim At The Heart
Fire On The Mountain*
Promontory Rider*

* with John Cipollina

I really don't know much concerning the background of this "festival" of Bay Area bands. Was it planned before Jerry had his little coma and recovery dealie? Or was it orchestrated as something to fill in the gap? Me curious but me not know.

Also on the bill that day was Zero and John Cipollina playing in a band with Greg Douglas and Bobby Vega called Problem Child... oh, and the headlining band, of course -- Kingfish with Bob Weir. Nope, I don't have those sets, only these two... but perhaps I'll get Zero and Kingfish one of these days.

The Mickey and the Daylites set is a weird one in that I don't even hear Mickey once on the recording. Washington native Kathi McDonald, one of the primary singers, mentions him but then again she also gives a shout out to Bob Weir. Friends somehow, though their connection I don't know. Neither do I know how this one-off band came to be and why is Mickey's name even attached to it? Cipollina sat in with or was part of each of the bands on this day and here he provides a couple numbers. All in all, a neat little set of Rock and Roll songs. No jamming to really speak of, just straight ahead mid-80's rock of a Bay Area band nature.

The Hunter set, which I'm not sure if it was before or after Mickey and the Daylites, featured some nice electric guitar throughout from David Jenkins. While the "Mickey" set had more of a blues feel, this sound was (mostly) purely Hunter/The Dinosaurs. And here was Mickey again, playing drums for Bob [Hunter.] He actually had more of a part in this band than the last one! And there's a Jerry mention at one point. Some on stage instrument adjustments had Hunter commenting that they didn't want Mickey to get hurt and join the Grateful Injured... clearly a reference to Jer bein' on the Disabled List. Fire On The Mountain followed and here's where the set got most interesting -- Bob and Mickey share vocal duties, with Mickey kinda sorta rapping... much like he does on some demo/rehearsal tape from years before, and like he did on the Furthur Festival a decade after this and in performances since then. So far as I know, this is the only time they've ever played live with each other. I think I can hear these guys really enjoyin' it, too. No, it's not like the Dead, not that much but it's a treat to hear them sing the song they co-wrote together. Promontory Rider is really nice to close the set but methinks Fire should've. At almost 10 minutes, it's by far the longest song. Not really jammed but played very... interestingly. That's the only word for it -- interesting.

Overall, an interesting two sets of tunes, about an hour and a half worth. Really I got this Dead-related stuff out of curiosity. Nothin' here's really that special but eh, what the heck, right.

Soundboard sound quality: eh, not beautifully digitally crisp but not horrible.
There's hiss during quiet areas between songs...
which leads me to believe this has a cassette generation (or two)
somewhere between the master reels and the transfer to digital.


Scott said...

So you didn't work out, it's friggin' 4 degrees and it ain't to good on the lungs exerting in that temp. No big deal, ya know.

Just so you know, I ran my car a few extra minutes today for you, yes you, I figure I could add to the CO2 in the atmosphere and maybe get that temp up to 7 degrees or so. Hey, I care.

Helen said...

Mickey and his rapping.........argh! I'll let it slide AGAIN just because he's Mickey,he's a great guy, fabulous musician and has a warm heart.
Love this poster. It is wicked kewl!
By the way, I also think The Rising was better than Tunnel of Love but I also really dig Devil and Dust.
Mas Paz.............

Dave the Locust said...

The download is painfuly slow.

Any chance of uploading to a faster server in the future?

Dave the Locust said...

As the risk of being repetitive or redundant, let me emphatically reempathize that DivShare totally SUCKS! (slow download, cut off mid-download, 'unable to connect' when I attempted to DL it again)

Please repost on Rapidshare, Megaupload, or any other reliable download site.

Thanx & Peace!

Zooomabooma said...

Dave the Locust -- I'm sorry you have problems with Divshare. I truly wish it worked of ya.

Here's my deal -- is there a chance of using a faster server in the future? Yes.

Right now I use slow-speed dial-up internet... and so it took me approximately 15 hours to upload the hour and a half of music in this post.

Divshare works well and is perfectly reliable for some people. No one's taken the time to complain yet.

Megaupload I know I won't use because I an completely unable to download a file from them myself. I have tried about a dozen times and have had 100% failure rate.

Rapidshare deletes files that aren't downloaded for 90 days. I see no point in using them because of that. All over the internet there are expired Rapidshare links, thousands of 'em not working for people. How freakin' lame is that?!

Look, man, it was never my intention to even do this for people. I started out just reviewing/commenting on stuff and I could've left it at that. Right now this is the best I can do and if it's not workin' for you, I'm sorry. Believe me -- I know how it feels. That probably doesn't help but there's nothing I can do.


Dave the Locust said...

I've given up on downloading this and I am completely disgusted. :(

Even with a broadband connection this is impossible.

Please reconsider reposting. Even if it gets deleted after 90 days on Rapidshare, at least SOMEBODY will be able to download this, instead of practically nobody as it now stands.

Zooomabooma said...

I can't just go uploading for a few minutes here, a few minutes there, no problemo. Did you miss that I said it took me 15 hours to upload? Not 15 minutes... 15 hours.

I also didn't mention that sometimes I waste 5 or even 10 or 15 hours with Failed uploads. About half the time when I start uploading, for whatever friggin' reason, it dies on me and I have to start all the hell over again. Frustrating for me, too... especially when it dies and I'm 90% or more done. Once it died at 99% with like 7 minutes left... and that was after goin' for like 8 or 9 hours. But I keep tryin'.

Look, if I upload to Rapidshare and then eventually the files expire and are deleted, that's a load of crap because A) I simply will not contribute to the lunacy of expired Rapidshare links out there on this world wide interweb dealie because I know how frustrating coming across dead links is, especially when something can't be found any-freakin'-where else. And B) I will not have the time to re-upload when someone comes along but it's been 91 days and the file's dead and gone. I've only got this one life and I'm pretty dang sure medical science isn't going to catch up to allow me to live to the ripe old age of 4 or 500 years old. As it stands now -- life's too damn short.

By the way, this work I do for others doesn't benefit practically nobody. So far it's showin' that 41 people have grabbed these files. That's cooler than just me hearin' these tunes.

I can't download from Megaupload. Fails everytime. For whatever reason, for you the same must be true with Divshare. But others have no problem with Divshare.

Look, if it was a piece of cake for me to do something so no one would have a problem, I would. But I can't. I'm sorry.

Oh, and now this is just swell -- coincidentally, I'm trying to Upload a Jerry Garcia Band set right now for the show that I wanted to put up tonight...

It uploaded 70.04 of 81.78 MB... over 7 hours that took. It's showing that I was 65 minutes 12 seconds from completion -- and it died. Again. It was going along just fine. 2 and a half days I've been trying to get this one set done (this is a case of having to try 3 or 4 times) and then I'd still have another set to do! But now this show has to wait which means a GD show I was gonna put up in a few days, that's gotta wait even longer.


Dave the Locust said...

Yeah, I guess I was a little harsh and frustrated, but I DO appreciate the time & effort that you spend to put this stuff up, especially with a dial-up connection, which is nothing short of heroic.

I have taken full advantage of my broadband conbnection as of late, downloading scores of things that I'll probably never get to listen to, EVER!

I knew my downloading fervor was out of control when I even downloaded albums by Yoko Ono & Milli Vanilli!

But it's doubly frustrating when you are unable to download something that you'd really like to check out, such as the Hart & Hunter sets.

Keep up the good work and I'll try again later, perhaps in the late night hours, when fewer people are online.

Zooomabooma said...

Alright, listen... you broke me, in a manner of speaking.

My tech experience is way on the low end and I actually like it that way. To get some other shows from people, I only got my first spindle of blank discs like a month ago. (So you can see how behind I am.)

If I burned CDs I'd just hook you up... but I don't burn, maybe someday, don't have Nero or whatever's needed.

I just get 'em and rip 'em and enjoy 'em and try to share 'em that way.

I swear to Jerry I hope you're able to have success with Divshare but within the next week I'll see if I can squeeze in time to upload to Rapidshare for ya. I can't promise this but I can promise I'll keep it in mind and see what i can do. Check back!

Dave the Locust said...

Finally got it to work without cutting out and the results are on my mp3 gizmo right now.

As I surmised, the best time to attempt this was in the wee hours and even so the download speed was painfully slow, but I DID manage to get it so thanks a whole lot for your Deadication!

I'm going to try to grab the JGB show now, as it has somewhat special significance as it was on my birthday and I also saw Jerry on that leg of the tour, at the Palladium on 14th St in NYC, where I also saw the Dead, Hot Tuna, Frank Zappa, Devo, and many other notables.

As it hapened, I saw a late show of Garcia, after having seen "Raiders of the Lost Ark" in it's initial run at the Loew's Astor Plaza in Times Square.

That cinema is now the Nokia Theater and I just saw Phil & Friends there last week!

It's a small world after all!


Zooomabooma said...

Dave, hopefully you'll be reading this... interesting about the Nokia bein' where you saw Indy before Jerry and then Phil all those years later. (I still think he shoulda played MSG & the Meadowlands, maybe Nassau Coliseum, 1 show in each in place of all those in Times Square.)

Listen, I'm really glad Divshare finally worked for ya. I re-ripped those two sets but in a smaller kbps and seriously, if you didn't post up your most recent comment, I was minutes away from gettin' 'em goin' on Rapidshare (9-7-86RanchRock-RobertHunterPart1-128kbps.)

And again, interesting how I just happened to pick a show on your bday... hey, that wasn't too long ago so Happy Belated Bday.

**** If you're having hassles again then you need to e-mail me (go to my Profile, link is there.) Actually, you don't "need" to and you don't have to if you don't want but if you wanna grab GD/Jerry from me in the future, then I've got some important info you'll need to alleviate possible future Divshare Dload Disorder.

Alrighty then, talk to you again sometimes and thanks for stoppin' by my humble abode here on Al Gore's internet.

Enjoy the tunes and Have a Grateful Day!

Amagamalin said...

It's been my experience that those who complain the most are the same one's who share the least (or none at all).

The locust's best line of all: "I have taken full advantage of my broadband conbnection as of late, downloading scores of things that I'll probably never get to listen to, EVER!" ...then why the f#ck are you dropping bombs on such a kind dude as zoomabooma? ...join the Peace Corps or provide service to the less privileged... friggin' wimp blasting this kind soul on his blog...

AussieJohn said...

Cheers for this.
I'm still downloading.
I rate Promontary Rider with Jerry as one of the best tracks I've heard him play on so the same song with Cipollina will be very interesting!
I must agree about Divshare however - how can they survive in business whith such a slow download rate?

Zooomabooma said...

About 2 months ago I switched to Rapidshare (for GD & related shows) but unfortunately, with dial-up and the need to keep on putting up new stuff, I can't replace the Divshare links with Rapidshare.

Initially, speed was disregarded for the fact that Divshare doesn't get deleted. Simple as that. There are SO many extinct Rapidshare links out there and I don't want to be a part of that, especially considering I don't have time to re-upload stuff.

As far as this Promontory Rider with Cippolina, it's got a nice moment or two with lead guitar, not mind-blowing but pretty nice. I really dig this electric sound for Hunter (versus the solo acoustic shows. They each have their merits.)

I haven't checked out any shows yet, I'm not sure how long The Dinosaurs have been at Archive, but you can download some Cippolina/Hunter there.

Thanks for the comment, AussieJohn! Glad you're diggin' some of the stuff I've put up. More to come :)

one says one number and the other another
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