Saturday, November 10, 2007

Dear Americans, eat MORE damn food, you slobs.

Three overnight shifts this week, all in a row. Each was preceeded by a run in the afternoon. Then yesterday I almost made it four days in a row with a run... but the need for sleep and the need to rest my body made itself perfectly clear. I had music picked out, ready to Press Play on, mentally I was ready to push it another 20 seconds further. Physically my body said, "Dude?! What the hell are you doing?!?! Take a break." Ignore that thought I could have done, could've hit the trail and suffered through what probably would have been a torturous run... and then after gettin' home I woulda been dead to the world for the next 20 hours. Instead I put the mp3 player aside and relaxed the afternoon and evening away before collapsing into bed for what seems like was for-freakin'-ever. Not happy but it was the right thing to do. Skipping on exercise ain't no joke but rest is needed.

Rest from exercise each and every day, that's another story. To get huge and disgusting while allowing the effects of obesity to take hold of ones health, that's most definitely a bad thing. And a sad thing. Because of FAT, lazy, gluttonous Americans, Disneyland in SoCal is having to close down it's beloved It's A Small World ride which means so many children will be crying because the ride isn't running. "Now, now, Junior, it's okay. Have another Ho-Ho to ease your tears. Want some ice cream to wash that down with, and a Coke? I'll even Supersize it for you, sweety."

Apparently the Mouse folks are denying it's about the weight of park visitors but the ride stalls in places when it never used to before. Frankly, I'm not sure if it really needs an overall 'cause it's 41 years old or if excess weight really has made the ride not work like it used to... but I do believe the latter. Communist China should be happy with this. Their attempts at thinning our population with lead in children's toys is going so-so... but we're already thinning our our military numbers because so many kids are too fat to be in the Army, etc. One of these days, if they finally decide to invade here, they'll have an easier time. For that we can thank Ronald McDonald and Mr. K. Kreme amongst many others. You guys rock!!!!!


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