Thursday, November 8, 2007

An Improved Run with Rob

The North Face trail running shoe
· Run Time -- 11 minutes 57 seconds (+0:19)

__· Temperature: 16º F (-9º C)
__· Total Trail Time: 45 minutes

· Trail Time in November -- 6 hours 1 minute

____(starting Oct. 1)
· Weight Loss Goal -- 24 pounds (11 kg)
__________· So Far -- 8 lb.

Workin' the overnight shift is messin' me up, it's puttin' me a half day behind in some ways. I got out for this run yesterday afternoon, over 12 hours ago. Now at 4:30 in the freakin' morning do I finally have a half hour free to sit down and type. Of course, we could get a call at any second in which case I'd barely have time to Sign out to shut this window down... ahhh well, I'm just gonna gamble that I can hurry up and finish uninterrupted.

Tuesday my run was not very easy.
0 to 10 Hell Scale, all the way up to about a 7.
Yesterday's run, with 19 added seconds: better, about a 3.
Pretty sweet.

Still, I am currently at about 1/20th of my 4 hour marathon goal so I have a loonnnnnnnnng way to go. 1/20th?! Yeah, ridiculous to even calculate. In any case, on the trail yesterday I hit my time with almost no problem whatsoever. Good deal.

Music listened to:

Rob Thomas

...Something To Be


This Is How A Heart Breaks
Lonely No More
Ever The Same
I Am An Illusion
When The Heartache Ends
Something To Be
All That I Am
Problem Girl
Fallin' To Pieces
My, My, My
Streetcorner Symphony
Now Comes The Night

I've never listened to Rob Thomas' band Matchbox 20; maybe I can recognize one tune from them. Then there's the tune that Thomas sings with Carlos Santana that really propelled Thomas to super-stardom... but I couldn't even begin to whistle it or give the title of it.

For the sake of being completely random in picking about half of what I choose to allow into my ears, I decided to give this debut solo album a listen. When I first Pressed Play, mostly unimpressed was the impression I was left with. This is like adult-alternative with no serious edge to it at all. One thought I had during one track -- a male Madonna.

Gave it another listen, I did, and then took it with me on the trail including three tunes to run to... and it's not so bad. A few songs made me feel like they'd be perfect for driving down an interstate highway that's nearly completely empty of other vehicles, no pigs sitting in the median waiting for a speeder and/or an old VW bus, very few billboards, very few exits, about 2 o'clock in the morning, on a freezing night. Ah, but that's just me, the only time I like to be on an interstate highway compared to America's backroads... and certain songs just seem like they'd be perfect and some on this album would be for that. Not all of 'em 'cause a few are rather mellow in a way that would almost put a person to sleep under the right circumstances.

Anyway, after the first listen I thought I'd maybe even dump this album, not even bother to hang onto it, but I might give it another shot or two one of these days.

320 kbps dload @ freedownloadmp3


afterthegoldrush said...

You might recognize "3 am". Youtube it. I prefer the acoustic version over the video version, but that's just my opinion.

Zooomabooma said...

Youtube is really popular, isn't it? I won't use it then. I don't like to be a sheep. Besides, I have good old fashioned slow speed dial-up internet so youtube's basically you-sless. HA... seriously, it takes like 40 minutes for a 4 minute video to load all the way, something like that. And even when I do switch to high speed someday, I'll still never visit that site. It's more bad for society than good so I don't wanna take part in it. Besides, you can't dload vids to take with you so what the hell's the point?

Actually I would use it, like I'd go to Starbucks, if I was paid to.

afterthegoldrush said...

I feel your pain (i.e, dial up internet).Two years ago,high speed internet was at the top of my daughter's X-mas list(#2 was a new computer).She got both.And I got the old computer and high speed internet also. We both had a Merry Christmas!Why do you say that Youtube is "more bad for society than good"? What isn't? I could say the same about Religion.Water is the only thing that I can think of (at the moment) that I would not take the "Con" side in a debate on good/bad.

Zooomabooma said...

I see morality in America constantly going down the tube, no pun intended. It's a slow and constant slide and someday it's going to mean the end of this great nation. Youtube's just helping play a part in that. One example, that fool who made that "leave britney alone" video not too long ago. Without youtube and camera phones and webcams, that wouldn't exist. So much that's on there [youtube] is horrible -- jackass type crap and fighting and, damn, that's the tip of the iceberg. Yeah, people are still gonna do stoopid stuff but come on, you can't deny youtube just brings it out in people even more. It also steers people towards selfishness -- "look at me, at what I can do, I'm a star." Should we always be concerned about self and bowing down to videos on the internet? Society would be better off without youtube so they can pay attention to The World and what needs help and what needs fixing. Let's look outward instead of in to our ego and/or our computer monitor.

That's where religion comes in as a good thing. My Bible teaches EVERYONE to be kind to each other, and to HELP others. Now imagine if each human being applied those teachings to their life. Holy shit, no one would murder, no one would steal, no one would fight, and things like poverty and starvation and disease would all lessen because more people would focus their time and attention and money to those very important matters.

Of course there are morons who hijack their religion like that wacky Westboro group out of Kansas, I think, and also, of course, the al Qaida-type Islamo-fascist crap-for-brains.

But people who follow their Bible are the most peaceful people on the planet. All they wanna do is live a humble life, for the most part, while helping others. How that's bad for society? There's nothing bad about that at all, only the opposite. Sin and temptation will always exist but again, with God those things become less of a distraction. Some stray, but there's support for everyone who sins.

Peaceful religious following, if adopted by all, would be the best thing for this world. As it is now, that's only partially true and that's too bad. Youtube is most definitely on the negative side no matter which way ya look at it. That doesn't mean there's not good in the concept... but weigh the good with the bad and it's garbage that the world can do without.

afterthegoldrush said...

At one time in my life I aspired to become an Episcopal Priest.But times change. I now aspire to one rule only: The Golden Rule. I agree that this world is going to Hell in a hand basket,but don't blame it on Youtube, they are just a sign of the times.I blame it on my generation- the baby boomers.A bunch of spoiled brats.

Zooomabooma said...

In the past I've pondered and even explored becoming a chaplain in the military. That most likely ain't gonna happen but maybe still someday a pastor for a small church in a tiny Alaskan village, perhaps. Who knows. Odds are no dice but can't write it off completely.

Anyway, I think The Golden Rule can be a good start for people... but it also can have holes you can steer an aircraft carrier through -- it can be used to justify anything.

The Golden Rule, when backed with Scripture, is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to doing what's right for others.

No, people don't need Scripture to live a life that is always kind... but it sure does help.

And youtube's not to blame for society going to Hell In A Bucket... it's just one contributing factor in the 21st Century, one of sooooo many.

Selfishness is also to blame... but in a small way, youtube can tie into that. People can become so self-absorbed in the culture of the internet and youtube videos and to a wider extent, celebrity and admiring and wanting to be like those people who live such fancy and well-documented lives...or wanting to be like people who post videos on youtube. "hey, i can do that, too, i can be one of the most downloaded people of the week!" Everything becomes for Self and not for Others. And youtube, methinks, is just a small cog in the giant system. Like other devices, such as the iphone, it can be a positive thing. I won't deny that. But for the most part it's negative. Who really uses an iphone or youtube to help others in need? Not many people.

Now my head hurts from thinking about all this so much. People suck. Not all people. But for the most part, like iphones and youtube, people are a negative thing... hmmm, is it all one big circle of suckness?

This is why I don't like to blog about the deep stuff!

afterthegoldrush said...

I agree that most people suck.That is why I don't like most people.I never let them know that...but if they only knew what I was thinking.I only go to Youtube for videos for my blog."Leave Britney alone"? If I was her Daddy, I would drag her kicking and screaming to rehab and sit on top of her if necessary until she was clean and sober.Luckily, I will never have to do this with my only child.But then, I took the time to raise a well-rounded individual.Once you have a child(ren),He/She/(They) take center stage.In my opinion,all of us are here for one reason: propagation of the species.It is the Religion vs. Evolution debate, and I am sorry if anyone is offended, but as a realist I must choose the latter. The only "deep stuff" that makes my head hurt is the notion of "Infinity" in regards to the universe.It freaks me out to think that there is no end and that it goes on forever and ever.What is the opposite of infinity? Is it infintessimal? If the universe has no end, then the opposite must be true.After all,if you think that you have found the smallest possible particle, you can always cut it in half,right? Man, I'm getting a headache.I gotta go and find some soothing music.Good talkin' to ya!

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